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For those WWE and NXT fans that were not able to attend NXT: Takeover Brooklyn at the Barclays Center last night, there was an interesting scenario presented to the live audience just minutes before the show went live on the WWE Network.

Triple H entered the arena to his legendary “The Game” theme and was welcomed to a large applause. The crowd chanted “Thank you Hunter” and Triple H could only stand there in admiration before responding to the crowd “Take a look around, I should be thanking all of you.” It was a nice moment.

Things got a little more interesting just moments later as Triple H asked the New York City crowd for a favor. He told the live crowd that he wanted to open the television broadcast of the show under the illusion that he is standing in a dark arena all by himself in complete silence. This is an odd request for any crowd, let alone a rowdy New York City wrestling crowd. He tried to play the role of “cool dad” acknowledging that he knows people are going to want to catcall and holler but he again asked that the crowd help him make this moment happen with their respectful silence. Just before the lights went out, he admitted to the audience that people have doubted this “experiment” calling it a “bad idea” but Hunter believes the NYC crowd can do it.

Here is an exclusive New York Sportscene video showing the NYC crowd from 15 seconds before the live broadcast and their reaction to this stunt.

Maybe New York wasn’t the best place to try this experiment Hunter.