Extreme Injuries, Hardcore Recovery

Extreme Injuries, Hardcore Recovery – Pro Wrestling Documentary
Title Match Wrestling

Years of brutal death matches, heroin addiction and extreme injuries…witness the hardcore recovery of an ECW legend, who is currently confined to a wheelchair. Axl Rotten (fresh off his Talk is Jericho appearance) is in bad shape. He needs spinal surgery or he may never walk again. After working in a business with such an unusually high mortality-rate, plus a lifetime of hardcore wrestling and heroin abuse; Axl Rotten is fighting against the odds to live a normal life.

This in-depth exclusive from Title Match Wrestling dissects the dangerous after-effects of pro wrestling. Filmed on location at the Anchorage Rehab Center in Salisbury, MD. We encourage you to donate what you can to help get Axl his life-changing spinal surgery: http://www.YouCaring.com/AxlRotten

Chapter Selection (Please choose a topic)
00:07 Flashback interview
00:56 Axl needs spinal surgery
06:52 Thank you Chris Jericho
09:14 Hardcore death matches
10:31 Axl’s legacy
12:55 Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) Early WCW 1991
14:48 A young Paul Heyman
18:48 Buying heroin vs the ECW reboot
25:16 Tribute to the Fallen: Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow, Louis Spicolli
32:25 Thoughts on Sunny (past and present)
35:38 Chris Benoit Murder/Suicide Theory
40:04 The WWE Hall of Fame is a _______
43:05 Who is the toughest wrestler?
44:48 WWE Superstar breakdown
45:40 The Current state of TNA Impact Wrestling
46:50 “Paul Heyman was lying to us”
50:37 Sting‘s WCW and WWE runs
54:39 Should Brock Lesnar have beat Undertaker’s streak?
57:25 CM Punk heads to UFC
59:30 I _____ NXT
01:01:31 Zack Ryder, Damien Sandow, Axelmania, Cesaro
01:03:25 John Cena
01:06:08 Kevin Owens
01:06:55 What’s next for Axl
01:09:40 Orioles and Baltimore Riots
01:12:30 In Closing

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Executive Producer/Editor: Telly Bistis
Camera/Lighting/Audio: Omar Abilmona

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