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EWF Results for June 2 – Marion, IN – www.EWFArena.com

The show opened with Commissioner Tony Angelo coming to the ring and announcing he is laying down some rules and fines tonight… first calling down Bob & Just Justin.

After a array of charges varying from throwing someone over the top rope to punching with a closed fist to pushing a referee, Angelo fined both Bob & Justin @ 150.00 each… Bob made a funny remark about getting right on it, and if he could pay by check and then the two left the ring… Angelo then pointed out that

Hank Calhoun, who was suspended last week, was actually sitting in the front row this week eating popcorn… Angelo told Calhoun he had no business in the arena tonight… Calhoun told The Commish that he bought a ticket and had every right to be there… Angelo added that if he interfered in any way tonight that Calhoun would be fired!

* Wildman Rogers w/ General Lee beat Fallen Dragon

* Cupid Valentino beat Dark Lion by D.Q.

Lion was DQ’ed after Hank Calhoun dove in the ring to attack Cupid.  After Calhoun attacked Cupid Bob & Just Justin came down to help Cupid and attacked Hank Calhoun.  and left him laying on the arena floor.

After Hank got up, he left out the front door saying the hell with getting fired he quits!!

* Andy Santos beat Mr. Fitness & T.C. Dozier in a 3 way dance

* Sami Callihan beat Seth Skyfire

* Tag Titles: Locked N’ Loaded (c) beat Pat Tanaka & Peter Aiden, Bob & Just Justin

Skip Raddison pinned Peter Aiden to win the match

* Big Ric Cannon beat Tank Toland

Sami Callihan interfered to help Cannon get the win.  Seth Skyfire came out to help Toland.

Tony Angelo said the next time Toland & Skyfire come back to the arena they can have a tag match against EGOW (Callihan & Cannon).

EWF returns to action next Saturday Night, June 9th at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams St in Marion, IN.  Bell Time is 7 PM.  Tickets are only $8 at the door or can be purchased online

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