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Falls Count AnywhereHello dear wrestling fans, here we go with another addition of Falls Count Anywhere.  This week, I thought I cover a little bit on various topics that are on the minds of not only myself, but many wrestling fans.  There is a lot of things I’ve liked a lot, and a few that have been perplexing to say the least.  Let’s get going!

elimination chamberElimination Chamber:  Randy Orton © vs. John Cena, vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs…Christian?

I love this PPV, but, I do have concerns.  Firstly, I love Christian, I really do, but even as a Canadian, I’m not so sure I understand his entry into this match.  Don’t get me wrong, he is an absolutely fantastic wrestler, with a great history, and true ambassador to Canada.  But, he truly seems out of place to be in this match.  It’s understood that Christian’s contract is ending soon.  It’s safe to say it’s probably not going to be renewed, so he will depart and head back to TNA or elsewhere.  Just a reminder, that Christian Cage in TNA was awesome.  The TNA product at present, simply sucks.  That being said, they could use each other.   So why use him in that match, especially when you have such talent as, Big Show, Mark Henry, and Wade…umm… Bad News Barrett with seemingly nothing to do.   Also, who else besides Cena and Orton could possibly build enough steam to face Batista at Wrestlemania that fast?  If you guessed anyone besides John, or Randy, then you are what I like to call…wrong!

shield vs wyattsWyatt Family vs. The Shield

This match and has the potential to be epic.  The progression of this rivalry has been fantastic, that has the Shield coming out as sort of fan favourites.  Wait, maybe that’s just Roman Reigns.  Even though, the Shield is destined to break up, sooner rather than later, this faction vs. faction should be one to remember.  This is providing they (creative writing team) play it out properly, and take the time required to tell a good story.  However, unfortunately proper story telling has not been a good point within WWE as of late.  There is no question that Roman Reigns, and maybe Rollins, and Ambrose will be huge singles competitors, but don’t rush it for the sake of rushing it.  Follow a story through, until it has no steam.  Then make the change.  Right now, this is one of the best things going in professional wrestling.  Don’t ruin it!


As I said in my previous article, I think that Batista in the main event at Wrestlemania, is completely wrong not only from a fan’s perspective but a moral point of view.  This is simply another decision that was pushed by his buddy Triple H.  After an absence of four years, he has done absolutely nothing to deserve this prestigious position.  Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, and many more wrestlers are much more deserving, with what they’ve put into the business since last year’s classic.  It’s pretty bad when the challenger for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship has less face time in the last four years than Zach Ryder, JTG, Yoshi Tatsu, and Hornswoggle.  I’m just stating fact people!  Sorry Batista, in my mind, your about as relevant as VHS and cassette tapes (look it up kids) at this point.  Best of luck in your MMA career…wait…is that over too?



Listen, I know I pretty much went off the rails last week against CM Punk.  I followed him from his days with ROH to present, and I am a huge fan.  He is definitely one of my top five wrestlers of all time.  However, I do not change my opinion over his actions.  I can only try and understand his position to be put behind Batista.  The whole roster should be irritated with that, but it doesn’t mean that Daniel Bryan is not as deserving.  The same goes for a lot of other guys as well.  I want the guy back, just as much as any fan who loves to watch his matches or interviews.  I only hope it’s a work.  But my opinion will not change.  If you are going to whine just because you are not the one at the top of the card, than McDonald’s is hiring somewhere, best of luck.  Otherwise, fight for the locker room, not just yourself.  Show some leadership, instead of acting like a brat, stomping away, because mom and dad brought home the wrong kind of ice cream.


This guy is awesome.  His match with Randy Orton on Smackdown, was almost PPV worthy.  He displayed his agility, strength, unpredictability, and ability to feed the crowd.  Sorry Swagger, your dead weight.  This guy needs to be pushed, and hard.  He is way too good not to challenge for a main event booking.  Once this guy eventually has a face turn, the crowd will definitely be behind him…I believe they already are!!!  As for Swagger, at the pace he’s going….Hey I heard Jeff Jarrett was hiring!

NAONew Age Outlaws

Tell if you heard this one before…please retire!!!!  With all the talent on the WWE roster, they brought back two old guys 15 years past their prime?!  To quote the Miz…Really?!  Really?!  Really?!  I’m sorry Triple H, but the fact that another couple of your buddies are holding the tag belts, over the overwhelming talent you have on the roster, is simply baffling!  I can imagine his next move…This just in, Triple H has come out of retirement for the 15th time in 2 years to fight 108 year old Ric Flair in a Hell in the Cell match!!!  C’mon!!!!!

HHHWe’ve talked about a lot of things week in this short article, from the obsession of Triple H abusing his position for his buddies, to Cesaro, and the rivalry between the Wyatt’s and the Shield.  That’s it for this week.  Once again, this is just my opinion.  I’m a sports writer, but first and foremost, I’m a fan.  That’s the fun of it!  If you’d like to challenge my opinions, or correct my judgement, as always feel free to voice your opinion. Best wishes to all, see you next time.

— Steve Cheeseman