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The Shield

Looks like my prediction is finally starting to come through.  Last Monday, Dean Ambrose was   left (at the request of Ambrose) at ringside in losing fashion, to start the process of breaking up this entertaining group.  Last night at TLC, creative took one step further when Roman Reigns speared Ambrose by accident allowing CM Punk to pick up a 3-1 handicap victory.  Look for Ambrose to defend the US Championship (it’s about time!) against one of his future former Shield teammates a short time down the road.  In my mind this is a good move from creative, at a good time, as the gimmick has fallen flat in the last little while.  It will be interesting to watch these guys as singles competitors.

Tons of Funk

Finally they are starting to turn Brodus Clay into the villain he should be, clearly turning heel last night at TLC.  The question I have is what the heck they are doing with Tensai.  I figured these guys as a heel tag team.  Now apparently that’s not the case.  This leaves me to believe that Tensai will be used as talent enhancement, or simply released.  Move over Yoshi Tatsu, and Zack Ryder, you have company.  It’s a shame but other than as something for the smaller kids to see, this team was doomed for failure right out of the gate.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston (again!!!)

I love the fact that they finally washed away with the “good guy” Miz experiment, seeing as he is so easy to despise.  However, how many more times are we going to see Kofi Kingston vs. Miz.  It’s been done, again and again.  Miz was in the middle of a small angle with the Wyatt’s.  However it was clearly unfinished.  How can someone get kidnapped by the Wyatt’s, then come back the following week as a bad guy double crossing Kingston, with no reference to the week prior.  It makes no sense.  I actually would have preferred at Ziggler vs. Miz angle.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs. Randy Orton at TLC.  I honestly I thought the “Cena Machine” would have walked out on top last night, however this was not the case.  However, I would have figured a Unification match would have been a Wrestlemania match in the making.  However seeing as Wrestlemania sells itself, it was used to boost one the minor PPV’s in this case TLC.  Assuming that the WWE stick with “WWE World Heavyweight Champion” title, which belt will be used, and when will it be unveiled.  I only hope the whole carrying two belts doesn’t go on for a dog’s age, similar to the old tag team championships.  I’m assuming they won’t as the whole idea is to create a single major champion.  All I can say, is thankfully it’s not Cena.  That’s right folks, if you came to this article to read about how awesome Cena is, you came to the wrong page.  My Christmas wish is for him to turn heel!  Why do I feel that WWE creative doesn’t have the parts to make that happen?!

All in all, decent week, with a mediocre PPV.  Next time, I’ll talk a little bit about “The Authority”.  I will not comment until we see what Vince does.  By the way, does anyone get this Kane, Brad Maddox, or Vicki Guerrero thing?  Way too many people in the fold.  See you next time.