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Falls Count Anywhere
FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: WWE Light Heavyweight Division?

Remember the Light Heavyweight division in WWE? This is one part of WWE/WCW programming I truly missed. It wasn’t always the show stealer; however it provided a great mix to tag team, and heavyweight type matches. With minor shows such as Main Event, and Superstars, there isn’t really a lot of viewership, basically because nothing usually happens worth talking about. If a Light Heavyweight division was created as a staple to these shows, this could give people a reason to actually tune in. Who in the WWE could compete in such a division?

mysterioRey Mysterio (5 ft 6 inches, 175 lbs)

The legendary Mysterio has been exciting crowds for what seems forever. This lucha libra is getting older, and is more prone to injury, but still draws a crowd. He could bring a lot of attention to a Cruiserweight Division. Arguably the greatest light weight of them all.

bourneEvan Bourne (5 ft 8 inches, 165 lbs)

This high flyer is still working back from injury, but once he gets back to TV, we’ll hopefully see Evan finishing off opponents with his patented “Air Bourne”. His agility and ability to the fly from anywhere is rare not just for WWE, but wrestling as a whole.

kiddTyson Kidd (5 ft 10 inches, 195 lbs)

Has the distinction of being the last graduate of the famed Hart Dungeon. Kidd has great technical and submission skills, and can go to the air with just a much confidence as anyone in the business. He has earned his stripes, now deserves a chance in the spotlight. He is a great talent that never seems to get the push he needs.

hunico-caraHunico/Sin Cara (5 ft 10 inches, 205 lbs)

This sparsely used light weight is strong luchador in the ring; however, his character is rarely used these days. He was much more effective working as masked superstar Incognito and much is less appealing as Hunico. However with his return to the Sin Cara character, it would certainly bring some interest in a lighter division, especially if rivaled by Mysterio.

gabrielJustin Gabriel (6 ft 1 inch, 213 lbs)

This former tag team champion is known for his patented 450 splash from the top rope. The heaviest of this list, but would still look the part with his talent. He is fun to watch, and is great with the fans. I could definitely see a nice rivalry with former tag team partner Tyson Kidd, or even Adrian Neville.

nevilleAdrian Neville (5 ft 10 inches, 195 lbs)

Current NXT competitor fromEngland would bring more excitement on the main screen of WWE, especially if placed in a William Regal (heel type) character. I honestly have no idea why he is still with NXT and not the big roster. Then again, the same goes for Sami Zahn.

sami-zaynSami Zahn (6 ft, 193 lbs)

The former El Generico has impressed and dazzled everywhere he’s gone. The lightweight platform might be a great way to bring him up from NXT to the main roster. No doubt, he would make a great champion. As a matter of fact, I think he should been with the big boys right from the beginning.

GravesCorey Graves (6 ft 1 inch, 208 lbs)

One of the few bad boys on this list. Corey has been with WWE particularly FCW/NXT since 2011. If he’s going to make the jump up at all, then now is the time. He’s a great heel, and would fit in as a good opponent to anyone on this list. So the question is, why not now?

rollinsSeth Rollins (6 ft 1 inch, 217 lbs)

I know Seth Rollins is probably destined for higher stakes than competing as a lightweight, but I’d include him just for the sake of it. He’s a great, already proven wrestler who works extremely well as a face or a heel. He has a good ground game and a great flyer. I think his best quality is his ability to sell his opponent. There is no holding back with Rollins, which reminds me a lot of Dolph Ziggler.

Not convinced yet?  Take a look at this match between Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne

All in all, I think these specific wrestlers would be a great start for a lightweight division of WWE. Is there more talent out there? Of course, however, this is talent that WWE already has. I know Daniel Bryan would be a great champion, however I love the fact that he in the middle of the WWE championship picture, with a ton of support. Bottom line, there is great talent present, so use them. This would be a great start, especially to less then appealing shows such as Main Event and Superstars.

— Steve Cheeseman (@SteveCCheeseman)