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FCW Great American Dream Tour
Melbourne Auditorium, Melbourne, FL
Friday, June 2nd, 2010
Reported by Adam Schultz

The FCW “Great American Dream Tour” started in Melbourne, FL and will run through a number of Florida cities throughout the summer.  The special guest, of course, was “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  One of the most charismatic and popular wrestlers of all time, Dusty Rhodes is currently the creative head of Florida Championship Wrestling.

There was a long line of people waiting to meet and greet “The America Dream”.  For reasons unknown, one fan even came dressed in a complete Gene Simmons KISS costume!

The night began with a bout between Big E. Langston against Jacob Novak.  Big E is a powerful Batista-sized wrestler, but with surprising speed.  The match ended with a victory for Big E after he dropped Novak with a powerslam on his face!

Tyler Reks was introduced as a Smackdown! Superstar, though he hasn’t appeared on television for several months.  Now a heel, Reks was greeted with a torrent of boos from the crowd.  He squared up against Rudy Parker, a typical all-American boy, who was encouraged by constant chants of “Rudy, Rudy”.  But despite the crowd support, Tyler Reks gained the victory in the match with a face drop off his shoulders.

A six-man tag team match came next.  Brodus Clay (son of George Murdoch), Donny Marlow (son of Haku), and NXT season 1 rookie Darren Young combined to battle the team of Titus O’Neill (cut from the second season of NXT just three nights before), Lucky Cannon, and NXT second season rookie Percy Watson.  Percy always gets a big pop because of his high-energy music and dancing.  Even Dusty Rhodes couldn’t resist coming out for a quick boogie on the entrance stage!

Once in the ring, Percy Watson took the microphone and talked about his former tag team partner Darren Young.  Percy said money had somehow changed his erstwhile partner.  The match eventually ended with a rollup pin on Darren Young by Percy Watson.

Skip Sheffield then squared up against Conrad Tanner, another all-American kid who wears college football style pants.  Before the match, Skip took the mic and emphatically stated he does not perform for FCW, President Steve Keirn, Trainer Dr. Tom Pritchard, or the FCW/WWE Universe.  He only performs for the Nexus, the name of the 1st season NXT rookies squad.  Sheffield proved to be too powerful for Tanner, who fell victim to Skip’s “Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder” finisher.

FCW Announcer Byron Saxton came out to introduce the first “Great American Dream Tour” bikini contest!  Fans were treated to the beautiful divas of FCW in their sexiest swimwear.  Entrants included Liviana, Aksana, FCW Divas Champion Naomi Night, “Queen of the FCW” AJ Lee, Tamina (daughter of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka), and newcomer Christina.  All the Divas received warm welcomes, except for Tamina, who looked unhappy to be there and gave Byron Saxton a killer look.  Byron Saxton then realized one FCW Diva had been left out of the competition – ring announcer Jamie Keyes.  She was convinced to come in the ring and revealed she had come prepared, stripping off to reveal her bikini.  The crowd clearly enjoyed her participation.  Byron Saxton asked for crowd reaction for each Diva, but Jamie Keyes got the biggest ovation and was proclaimed the winner. 

But then the proceedings were then interrupted by a surprise appearance from Alicia Fox, the new WWE Divas Champion.  All the FCW Divas exited the ring as Alicia Fox took the mic to flaunt her superiority.  But the FCW Divas Champion Naomi Night wouldn’t back down and she quickly dispatched the WWE Divas Champ after a short confrontation.

Curt Hawkins then fought NXT second season rookie Michael McGillicutty (son of Mr. Perfect Curt  Hennig).  Michael and Curt had an intense match, but McGillicutty got a three count after a swinging neckbreaker.  Adding insult to injury, McGillicutty tore off the back sections of Curt Hawkins pants, sending him back to the locker room in an embarrassed fashion.

The FCW Team Team belts were on the line as the champions “Los Aviadores” took on the team of Derrick Bateman and Leo Kruger.  The masked champs consisted of Hunico and Epico (Tito Colon, cousin of Primo and Carlito).  During the match, Derrick Bateman managed to strip off the mask of Epico, which sent him back to the locker room with a t-shirt over his face.  This left his partner Hunico at the mercy of Bateman and Kruger.  Derrick Bateman even taunted Hunico by wearing Epico’s mask.  But just as it looked like the belts would change hands, Epico returned to the ring with a new mask.  The high-flying “Aviadores” soon took control and gained the victory after a Swanton Bomb from Hunico.

The main event for the night was announced as a Triple Threat match between Johnny Curtis, NXT season 2 rookie Kaval, and Nexus member Heath Slater.  Heath took the mic before the bout to threaten his opponents, saying he could bring out his fellow Nexus members at any time.  Kaval responded by saying her knew this might happen and he was bringing some insurance of his own.  Suddenly, Kaval’s fellow NXT rookies came out, including Titus O’Neill, Percy Watson, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, along with other FCW wrestlers.

Lt. General Manager Norman Smiley then announced the match had a new stipulation – Falls Count Anywhere!  The other wrestlers surrounded the auditorium as the match began.  The fight eventually made its way out of the ring and onto the entrance stage.  Season 1 NXT rookies Skip Sheffield and Darren Young appeared on the stage, but were kept from interfering by the other FCW wrestlers.  The match made its way back into the ring, where Kaval gained the victory with an arm bar tapout.