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Billy KidmanPlease credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.
On Tuesday September 25, 2007, professional wrestling retuned to Bourbon Street Night Club 4331 US19N, New Port Richey Florida, as the venue hosted a charity event for the SPCA of Pasco County called “Wrestling for Whiskers”. WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling event was setup by S.O.S. (Save our Sandbar Foundation).

(1) Ted Hart defeated “The Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne.

Hart went for an early submission with an overhand wristlock but Osborne escaped with a handful of hair that was masked from the referee’s view. On the lockup Hart escaped an armbar and went to Osborne’s left arm only to have it countered only to counter it back. Osborne said Hart pulled his trunks and when the referee went to check Osborne pulled the hair again. Osborne went for a corner move but Hart countered into a wheel barrel into a forward roll before going back to the arm with a submission hold but somehow Osborne refused to submit and escaped in a standing position with a forearm to the face. It allowed Osborne to lock Hart in a headlock takeover but Hart countered to a head scissor and Osborne kicked up to a neutral position.  Both men fought for position but it was Hart who hit a Play of the Day like move into a sunset flip for two. Hart got to his feet first but was hit by a backbreaker but he quickly recovered into another armbreaker move which caused Osborne to fight to a corner where Hart laid in some forearms. Osborne reversed a corner whip and Hart went to the corner expecting to hit a head scissor but Osborne threw Hart’s legs off and sent Hart’s crotch to the top rope. Osborne went to work on Hart with a series of moves but none led to a submission. Osborne made a tactical error and it allowed Hart to hit a top rope moonsault but Osborne recovered hitting a slam. He went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop but he covered Hart too close to the ropes and Hart grabbed the bottom one to cause a break in the count. Osborne dropped Hart on the top rope but Hart blocked the superplex and sent Osborne crashing to the mat and Hart ended the match with a top rope front twisted senton to win the bout.

(2) Kofi Kingston, Johnny Curtis and Robert Anthony defeated Rycklon, Titan and Steve Taylor.

Rycklon and Titan had issues before the bout with their partner as Taylor wanted to show sportsmanship by shaking hands but they refused. So Rycklon started out with Kingston who was popular with the fans. Both men tried to establish some control but it was Kingston and friends who sent Rycklon to tag in Taylor who locked up with Anthony with some chain wrestling that left neither team in total control. Curtis tagged in but got taken down with a single leg and Titan tagged himself in with his huge arms. Needless to say the tempo of the match changed to a pure power attack between Titan and Rycklon taking turns beating down Curtis. But Curtis was able to armdrag Rycklon and tagged out to Anthony who kept the attack on the huge left arm. Rycklon missed a corner move and got hit with some punches but he got control when Anthony went to the ropes and he leveled Anthony with a clothesline. Rycklon locked Anthony in a chinlock but Anthony got to his feet only to be hit with a Tilt-A-Whirl slam. Rycklon tagged in Taylor but he declined the free shot to the ribs, instead he took Anthony to the mat with a body scissor. Titan didn’t like that and tagged back in sending Anthony from one corner to another making him thrash around like he was in a car wreck. Titan went for a suplex and brought Anthony down but Kingston broke up the pin attempt. So Titan tagged in Rycklon who hit several moves but couldn’t get the pin and got sent to the floor when Titan’s running boot hit him instead of Anthony. Kingston tagged in and fought to the top but Titan caught him and was ready to drop him but Anthony and Curtis hit a double dropkick allowing Kingston to get the hard fought win.

(3) Nattie Neidhart and Victoria Crawford defeated The Bella Bombers (Bri and Nicole)

After refereeing their debut bout Crawford decided to get in the ring with the Bella’s. Neidhart started with Bri and got frustrated so she let Crawford tag in and she kicked Bri in the stomach. But her offense didn’t last long as Nicole tagged in to help hit a clothesline. Crawford got out of a hammerlock with a elbow to Nicole’s jaw but Nicole got the hold back on and countered into a fire carry take over into an left arm attack. Crawford got to her feet but ended up back on the mat with a shoulder tackle. Nicole focused on Neidhart and it cost her as Crawford sent her to the ropes and Neidhart pulled her hair sending Nicole crashing to the mat. Neidhart and Crawford made several tags and used some questionable tactics to keep Nicole from tagging in Bri. Their effort was great but the pinfalls didn’t come and Crawford’s corner move met Nicole’s knee and Nicole hit a bulldog followed by a tag to Bri who was well rested. All four ladies got in the ring and Bri had Neidhart pinned but the referee went to get Nicole to her corner and Crawford reversed the small package allowing her team to win.

(4) Vade Hansen and Chris Grey defeated “The Professional” Mike Mondo and “the Natural” Nick Nemeth.

Grey and Mondo locked up but it was obvious Mondo and Nemeth’s plan was to frustrate their younger opponents. When they lost control of the match Nemeth and Mondo claimed they had their hair pulled, tights pulled and anything else they could. But it didn’t work as Hansen and Grey kept the offense clicking in their favor with a variety of moves. Nemeth’s claim of a tight pull worked and Mondo tagged in only to see Nemeth tag in and have a collision in the ring that sent them calling for a time out on the floor. Nemeth and Mondo grabbed two ringside chairs and tossed them into the ring but they didn’t expect their opponents to catch them and sit down in the ring. Nemeth and Mondo grabbed the chairs sending Grey and Vansen to the floor. But the referee took the chairs away before Mondo and Nemeth could sit and when they hit the canvas behind first Vansen and Grey slid in and dropkicked their opponents to the floor. Nemeth sent Grey to the ropes and said his ankle went out. As the referee checked him out Mondo hit Grey in the head. Magically Nemeth’s ankle was fine and the attack on Grey’s leg and ankle began. Mondo locked in a figure four but Grey fought it off and reversed the hold but Nemeth tagged in before a submission could occur. Nemeth kept the attack on the leg going but missed a corner Bronco Buster move and it allowed Vansen tagged in. Vansen went on a suplex frenzy which led to all four men fighting. The action spilled to the floor and the referee followed allowing Mondo to use brass knuckles to knock Vansen silly. Mondo got the pin but when the referee raised Mondo’s hand the foreign object fell to the mat and the decision reversed.

(5) Ted DiBiase Jr. & TJ Wilson defeated Afa Anoai & Jake Hager, “The Human Massacre” Keith Walker & “Handsome” Heath Miller.

Anoai and Wilson began the match but Hager and DiBiase tagged in with DiBiase taking control with an armbar. Wilson tagged in and Hager tagged out to Miller who was ready to talk and wrestle at the same time after a boot to the gut. Wilson fought back and with help from DiBiase they cleared the ring of opponents. Anoai wanted to hear nothing come out of Miller’s mouth but pain as he hit a series of moves but an ill advised headbutt did damage to Anoai instead of Miller. Wilson tagged in and helped dump Anoai to the floor but he was quickly jumped by Miller who tagged in Walker who came in with a clothesline for two. Miller and Walker kept control of the match by keeping Wilson in the center of the ring and in neutral corners. Walker went for a neckvise submission but Wilson got out only to be hit with a forearm on the apron from Anoai. But Anoai turned his back and his next blow hit Walker instead. Walker went for a slam but Anoai tagged himself in and negated the pin attempt. Anoai hit a slam of his own but Wilson slid off during the second attempt and tagged in Hager who was forced to face his partner. Instead they went to tag out but the other four wrestlers fell to the floor. Anoai and Hager went to work and after punching and kicking each other they got a near count by pinning each other. All six men fought in the ring but in the end in was DiBiase Jr. who got the pin after Anoai’s spinning Samoan Drop kicked Hager in the head. Anoai had Wilson pinned but the referee counted down Hager’s shoulders.

(6) Doink the Clown defeated Billy Kidman.

After making a kid in the front row cry Kidman focused on Doink and his bag of tricks. Doink countered Kidman’s experience with some moves that kept the former WWE Cruiserweight champion going to the floor to formulate a new plan. Doink kept Kidman off his game with a side headlock but Kidman stopped that with a shot to the ribs and a headlock of his own. The two men went to the ropes but it was Doink who took Kidman up in an airplane spin which sent Kidman to the floor. Kidman decided he had enough and went to the locker room entry way and he barely beat the ten count in but his slide to the ring met Doink. Doink stomped on Kidman’s hands and went to hit ten punches in the corner but Kidman stepped into Doink and dropped him on the top rope Hot Shot style. Kidman dragged Doink to the floor and smashed Doink’s ribs into the ring apron before coming back to the ring and an abdominal stretch with some help from the ropes. Kidman let the hold go and hit a rib breaker like move for two and went back to the stretch hold this time mat based. Doink went chest first into the corner but his momentum allowed him to catch Kidman off the ropes into a powerslam. But neither man could get the pin but they fought to their feet where Doink let loose a series of moves. Doink went up top hitting a cross bodyblock for two. Kidman countered a move and hit Doink with a Sky High Slam. He dragged Doink to a corner but got rolled up for two. So Kidman hit a dropkick and went up top for a huricurana but Doink held on and came off to get the pinfall.

Ryan O’Reilly along with FCW Diva’s Maryse & Lacey Von Erich made their way to the ring. O’Reilly said he had two good reasons to be happy and they each spoke to him and fans about how they like to make him happy. When the ladies spoke about O’Reilly they also took turns insulting the fans. But when O’Reilly mentioned wanting championship gold, FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith came to the ring. O’Reilly said he wanted the gold but Smith said he wanted one of O’Reilly’s ladies. That brought out #1 contender G-Rilla who said he only wanted what Smith was packing and demanded the match he won on September 15th. O’Reilly obliged and the ladies joined him in leaving ringside.

(7) FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith defeated #1 contender G-Rilla via DQ.

Smith went right to work keeping his bigger opponent off his feet by attacking his left knee and leg. But that stopped when G-Rilla got to his feet and backed Smith into a corner for a whip and shots to the ribs. But a second corner move allowed Smith to stop his momentum and kick G-Rilla’s leg out. G-Rilla went to the floor and tripped up Smith. G-Rilla came back in the ring but Smith recovered enough to make the match start over on neutral ground. G-Rilla backed Smith to a corner but Smith dropped out and slid through G-Rilla’s legs. But Smith didn’t protect himself and G-Rilla hit a forearm to the lower back region of the champion. With a bullseye drawn on the back G-Rilla locked Smith in a Bear Hug but couldn’t get Smith to give up. Smith fought his way out but came off the ropes into a belly to belly suplex. G-Rilla went right back to the Bear Hug and forced Smith’s shoulders to the mat. Smith fought out of the hold and went for the Sharpshooter but G-Rilla raked the eyes and hit a corner move. G-Rilla went up but his Bonsai Drop only met Smith’s boots in his crotch region. Smith hit a dropkick and clothesline to take G-Rilla off his feet. But when Smith went for a move he was hit with a powerslam and an elbow drop. G-Rilla smelled championship and hit two more elbow drops but Smith kicked out of the pin. G-Rilla went for a running powerslam but Smith slid off and hit a German Suplex. But when Smith went for the Sharpshooter, Jake Hager came in and attacked Smith, causing the DQ. Things broke down from their as they were joined by Ted Hart, Shawn Osborne, Afa Anoai, Ted DiBiase Jr. and TJ Wilson. Smith, Hart, DiBiase Jr. and Hart chased off the other four and laid a challenge down for October 13th for an eight man match. They christened themselves the New Hart Foundation.

On Saturday October 13th FCW will be returning to the Jewish Community Center, 9841 Scenic Dr of Port Richey, FL. Information on the event and an FCW website launch date will be coming along in the next few days.