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FCW LogoCourtesy of Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com .

Before the big show this Saturday in Lecanto, Florida Championship Wrestling held their weekly Tuesday event at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey.The one and only “Handsome “Heath Miller made his way to the ring for some personal time with the ladies of Pasco County, actually his new segment called “Happy Hour.” But he was graced with a chant of “Carrot Top.” He told the fans he was sorry they wouldn’t be seeing him compete. He said he turned down many superstars who begged to be on the show. Instead he opted for an idol of his, Billy Kidman. Things seemed to start out peaceful with some chatting and beer. Miller told the fans how much he was inspired by Kidman’s in ring ability and called it an honor to be in the ring with him. Kidman thanked Miller for his kind words and told him that he wasn’t retired from the ring yet and he also said he came out to see the new superstars in FCW. When Kidman went to talk about the FCW locker room Miller begin to gloat about himself and mentioned Kidman was on the way out of the business instead of the top. As Miller went to wrap the segment up he turned his back on Kidman and the beer bucket of ice was dumped on his head.

Kevin Kiley made his way to talk to the fans about his debut and unfortunate loss to “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne. He said tonight he would begin to earn the respect of the FCW locker room beginning with Osborne who came out and was not too happy to hear Kiley’s comments saying he was going to hurt Kiley real bad.

(1) “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne defeated Kevin Kiley.

Osborne didn’t mess around and went to work on Kiley’s neck but released a front facelock to try and intimidate Kiley with some slaps to the head. Osborne went for a wristlock but Kiley countered to one of his own only to have Osborne break it. Kiley and Osborne traded headlocks as both tried to gain some momentum. It happened for Osborne when he refused a clean corner break and went to work with some punches and chokes. But Kiley blocked and countered a suplex before depositing Osborne on the top rope but his superplex was blocked and Osborne hit a second rope elbow drop to win.

(2) Bryan Kelly, Rycklon and “Super Fan” Chet Douglas defeated Hade Vansen, Sheamus O’Shaunessy & “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee.

Before the match Douglas asked his partners for their autographs and they obliged him. But his opponents felt otherwise and tore up Douglas’ paper. Rycklon began for his team showing Vansen his power advantage. Vansen tagged in O’Shaunessy to match power with Rycklon and he was able to back Rycklon to his corner but Bowdee missed and nearly decked his partner. This allowed Rycklon to tag in Douglas who went for a Batista Bomb but O’Shaunessy countered and tagged in Bowdee. Kelly came in and went to work on Bowdee’s left arm that was damaged by Douglas. Things didn’t exactly click for Bowdee and his partners as Bowdee inadvertently kicked them as Kelly laid in punches as Bowdee was tied in the ropes. Rycklon and Vansen tagged back in and Rycklon tried to tear off Vansen’s arm getting his team involved in tags. Kelly went for a full nelson submission but Vansen backed him to the corner and hi eyes were raked as the referee went to eject Rycklon from the ring. Vansen and friends made several legal and illegal tags working over Kelly but they couldn’t get the win. But that all changed when Bowdee grabbed his rubber ducky to hit Kelly. Kelly switched places with O’Shaunessy and got Bowdee hit his partner. As the two argued over what went down Rycklon tagged in and Vansen was hit with a shoulder breaker. Kelly came in and hit the People’s Elbow and Douglas won with the Hulk Hogan legdrop. The trio posed for the fans using the Hulkster’s ring music.

(3) “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson defeated Jake Hager via countout.

This was an ordered rematch from last week when Hager lost via DQ. Wilson came out ready for revenge and went to work trying to knock Hager down with forearms to the neck and back. Wilson hit a cross bodyblock but instead of going for the pin he climbed on Hager for some punches to the face. Hager fought back with punches of his own but his chops were returned by Wilson. But Wilson’s head scissor was countered by Hager who tossed Wilson over and sent Wilson’s face into the ringpost. Hager went to work with some legal and illegal moves trying to wear Wilson down as the fans cheered for the “Stampede Kid.” Hager stretched out Wilson’s back but Wilson fought to his feet only be suplexed onto the ropes where Hager hit a running knee. Wilson fell to the floor and barely beat the referee’s count into the ring as Hager kept breaking it with cheap shots. But Hager lost focus and was hit with a slingshot missile dropkick. Both men fought to their feet but it was Wilson who went on the attack with punches and a spinning heel kick after he avoided a running knee lift. Wilson went for a backslide and a rolling cradle but Hager kicked out of both pins. This frustrated Wilson who went for a dropkick but Hager grabbed the ropes and moved. Hager went for a Boston Crab but Wilson countered into the Sharpshooter but Hager made it to the ropes. Hager felt he had enough and went to the locker room to lose via countout. After the bell Wilson took the mic and challenged Hager to a lumberjack match next week.

(4) In a Diva’s Challenge match, Victoria Crawford defeated Friday Night Smackdown’s Maryse.

Maryse wasted no time in going to work with a wristlock but was countered by Crawford who was countered by Maryse. Maryse avoided Crawford on a rope move with a split and hit a monkey flip but was kicked in the gut for her effort. Crawford hit a gutbuster and several kicks to the head as the crowd enjoyed the bout. Both ladies hit forearms to the chest but Crawford placed Maryse in the Tree of Woe and proceeded to rip off her opponent’s top. Crawford freed Maryse only to lock in a rib stretch hold but Maryse got out and got a school roll for two. But Crawford got to her feet first and got a kick to the injured abdomen locking in a standing stretch but Maryse fought out and hit more forearms. Maryse went for a pin but opted for some hair pulling and then pulled of Crawford’s top. But before Maryse knew what hit her, Crawford won with a backslide.

(5) Steve Lewington defeated “The Natural” Nick Nemeth.

Nemeth took his time taking his ring shirt off and he was interrupted by Lewington who came out and told Nemeth he was ready to wrestle not have a pose down. Nemeth eventually took off top but was reluctant to lock up with Lewington and complained about anything that would keep him from chest chops which Lewington delivered. Nemeth went for a Flair Flop but came off with Lewington’s powerslam. But Lewington’s offense was stopped when Nemeth hit a cheap shot followed by a cross armbreaker. Nemeth went to work stretching the rules as far as he could including a chinlock but Lewington fought back. Nemeth thought he won with a swinging neckbreaker but got only two. Nemeth kept on the neck with a chinlock but Lewington got out and hit a modified Rock Bottom. Both men struggled to their feet but Lewington hit a second rope elbow to the jaw for two. Lewington used his power to launch Nemeth into the lights with a slam but that also got two. Nemeth got a school boy roll for two but Lewington hit a second Roc Bottom to gain the hard fought victory.

We were blessed by the presence of the Bella Twins who came out to talk about their time in Tampa. But when they mentioned being supporters of the USF Bulls, The Young Lions (Chris Grey & Tommy Taylor) came out. The Lions came out not to argue with the Bella’s but ask them out on a date saying Bourbon St was full of tossers. When the Bella’s declined the Lions said the Bulls and the Bella’s both sucked. This brought out Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis who told the Lions where to stick their insults.

(6) Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis defeated The Young Lions (Chris Grey & Tommy Taylor.)

The bell rang and Anthony/Curtis went to work on Taylor with a flurry of moves. Anthony and Curtis’ attack included a double team suplex but their offense was stopped when Grey hit Curtis in the neck on a rope run. This allowed the Lions the opening they needed for a tag and the fresh Grey a chance to attack Curtis. The Lions attacked Curtis’ neck for several minutes as Anthony could only watch on and cheer for his partner. Grey went to use his wrist tape to choke out Curtis but the Twins saw it and ratted Grey out to the referee. But Grey and the referee argued Curtis rolled up Grey for the victory. The Lions threw the British equivalent of a temper tantrum as the Twins left with the victors.

(7) Kofi Kingston defeated “The Professional” Mike Mondo.

After seeing his partner lose earlier in the evening, Mondo didn’t take Kingston lightly working over the head with a headlock. But Kingston fought back going after Mondo’s left shoulder as Mondo tried to figure out a counter. That counter was a cheap shot knee on a corner break. Mondo went to drive Kingston’s face into the turnbuckle but Kingston did some driving of his own sending Mondo back to the mat in the armbar. Mondo countered out but Kingston countered back sending Mondo to the floor where Kingston teased a tope’. Mondo came back in the ring with a plan of attack, on Kingston’s head with a headlock takeover. Kingston fought out and hit dropkick but Mondo fired back with kicks to Kingston’s back. Mondo went on the offensive with shots to Kingston’s neck and back with a chinlock. Kingston fought out of the hold with a sunset flip for two but Mondo got to his feet faster and hit a clothesline. Mondo went back to the neck with a chinlock but Kingston fought out once again. This time Kingston came out of the hold but walked right into a sleeper hold. But Kingston fought out and hit a jawbreaker which might have sent teeth to the fans. Kingston went for a move but Mondo moved and Kingston hit the corner hard. Mondo went for a second rope move but Kingston was ready and attacked Mondo’s left arm with a series of holds getting two. Kingston’s monkey flip was countered but he sent Mondo to the mat only to miss a tope rope move. Mondo went for a rollup but Kingston countered into a double leg move that got him the victory to the shock of Mondo.

(8) In a Texas Tornado Tag Match, FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. & the 7Ft Giant Titan defeated G-Rilla & Ted DiBiase Jr.

The four men wasted no time and brawled on the floor at the opening bell. Titan kept G-Rilla on the floor as DiBiase and Afa returned to the ring where DiBiase avoided a superkick and sent Afa back to the floor. Titan was using a chair on G-Rilla’s throat before he tossed him back to the ring where G-Rilla fought back with punches as DiBiase hit Afa with a pool cue. G-Rilla dumped Titan to the floor as Afa went to the ring for safety but he didn’t realize he was in a double team situation and G-Rilla went to work as DiBiase went to the floor after Titan. But Titan was ready and slammed DiBiase on the floor before sending him back to the ring as G-Rilla tossed Afa to the floor where they fought into the crowd. Afa raked G-Rilla’s eyes and went to toss him into chairs but his toss was reversed and the champion went into the chairs. Back in the ring Titan had DiBiase locked in a sleeper but couldn’t get the submission. Afa fought back and sent G-Rilla into a door before coming back to the ring where he missed a corner splash. DiBiase tried to keep both men injured as he waited for G-Rilla to come back to the ring. But as he had Afa locked in the Million Dollar Dream, Titan came from behind and hit a chokeslam which allowed Afa to hit a top rope frog splash to end the battle.

Remember already signed for next Tuesday TJ Wilson vs. Jake Hager in a lumberjack match and “Handsome” Heath Miller vs. Billy Kidman. See you at the matches!!

Florida Championship Wrestling returns to its roots as it comes to the Crystal River on Saturday November 10. FCW will be part of the “Dave Williams Celebrity Tribute to Jesse’s Place.” The event will be at the Lecanto High School 3810 W. Educational Path, Lecanto, FL 34461. Majority of Funds will go to the child advocacy center being built in the memory of Jessica Lunsford. Tickets are $10 and on sale at the door day of the show. Doors open at 7 PM Show Starts at 8 PM. Log onto www.jessiesplacecitrus.org and www.fcwwrestling.com for information.

Matches announced for the event include:

Former WWE Tag Team champions and current Smackdown superstars Deuce & Domino (w/Cherry) vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. & Kofi Kingston

FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. vs. Steve Lewington

6 Person Diva’s Match!!

Nattie Neidhart, Maryse & Lacey Von Erich vs. Victoria Crawford & the Bella Twins (Nicole & Brianna)

Your MAIN EVENT will be a 30 person over the top battle royal featuring the 7Ft Giant TITAN!

Plus from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Tackle #94 Chris Hovan, Offensive Guard #72 Dan Buenning and the one, the only Hall of Fame Inductee Big Nasty!