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Kennadi Brink (Jessie Kaye) recently made an appearance on WWE’s NXT program.  In 2011 Diva-Dirt.com produced an original web series, JESSIE KAYE: ROAD TO THE RING.

Here is the description:  Follow Jessie Kaye, an aspiring female wrestler, as she begins her journey to stardom. Training under the guidance of former WWE star, Gillberg, Jessie has invited the cameras along as she turns her dream into a reality. ROAD TO THE RING will follow her story into professional wrestling including the highs and the lows.

This exclusive original web series is produced by the award-winning* female wrestling site, Diva-Dirt.com.

Photo courtesy of WWE.com.

Two episodes were completed and uploaded to YouTube…they show an in-depth look at the beginning of Kennadi’s journey to wrestling success!

Check out episode #2 here.