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Strong Style Productions are proud to announce that “FIGHT HARD! The Allison Danger Story” Documentary DVD Project is finished. The feature documentary is complete, extras are are complete, & cover and disc artwork is complete.
Filmed On January 20, 2008, in Dublin, Ireland, “FIGHT HARD!” is set to be released on October 12, 2008, and is only available EXCLUSIVELY through our website, www.strongstyleproductions.com


We will be taking Pre-Orders on “FIGHT HARD!” from October 1, 2008 up until the release on October 12, 2008.
Here is the synopsis
Allison Danger takes us through her storied 8 year career as a pro-wrestler, from her beginnings as a child, through high school, to breaking into the business, following in her older brothers footsteps, to becoming one of the most well respected and important female wrestlers on the independent scene today.
This feature documentary covers absolutely every aspect of Danger’s career in the world of pro-wrestling. Her time before she entered the business is covered in detail leading up to her debut and training to become an in-ring performer. Danger’s entire Ring Of Honor (ROH) career is covered from debuting, to the Prophecy, to the girls making their mark in in-ring competition. Also covered is working in Japan, working for Chikara, everything involved with the amazing Shimmer Women Athletes promotion, working for World-1, working for Chickfight, her commentary debut – all the way up to what the future holds, and all the adventures in the middle!
Featuring music from Californian band ‘theSTART’ and Irish band ‘Eden,’ “FIGHT HARD!” is a 2-Disc Edition which is put together in the “WWE style” of DVD including photos, footage and comments from other wrestlers from throughout Danger’s career.

Here is the Chapter listings for the Documentary :
(1) Growing Up Corino
(2) Entering The Business
(3) Ring Of Honor
(4) Hitting Her Stride
(5) Branching Out
(6) The Girls Step Up
(7) USO Tour
(8) Debut Of Shimmer
(9) Wrestling Takes Its Toll
(10) 100% Strong Style!
(11) A Farewell To ROH
(12) Crowning A Shimmer Champion
(13) What Does The Future Hold?

Extras include :
Matches :
Allison Danger vs. Daizee Haze – Chikara Pro – March 19, 2005 (Full Match)
Allison Danger, Rain & Ranmaru vs. Daizee Haze, Mickie Knuckles & Sumie Sakai – Chikara Pro – February 26, 2006 (Highlights)

18 Outtakes From The Documentary :
(1) ECW Locker Room
(2) The Call From ROH
(3) “I Made Out With Mickie James!”
(4) CM Punk Dislocates Danger’s Jaw
(5) CM Punk Gets….. PUNK’D!
(6) Great Muta’s Mist
(7) Homa Loves Danger!
(8) CM Punk Signs His WWE Contract On Top Of The ROH Title Belt
(9) Matt Hardy‘s Dad Yells!
(10) Jamie Noble Wins The ROH Title
(11) Are You Afraid Of Curry Man?
(12) Shimmer DVD Opening Credits
(13) Daizee Suffers A Stinger
(14) Lost Luggage & Titles Dropped
(15) Damn Japanese Streamers!
(16) Major Heat In CWF Mid-Atlantic!
(17) Feedback From Jim Cornette
(18) Stealing Steve’s Finish

Total running time is 3hrs 14mins (Documentary – 2hrs 15mins) (Extras 59mins)

To view sample clips from “FIGHT HARD!” and for more information and to view our other releases please visit www.strongstyleproductions.com