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Credit: Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com 

On Saturday June 9, 2007 Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling presented Maivia/Hampton III from Gallery Billiards, 1925 Northgate Blvd.   in Sarasota, Florida. If you weren’t there, where the heck were you? You missed two title changes and a fan get his butt verbally handed to him by Barney Rumble and the owner of FSPW.


The evening began with former FSPW Heavyweight champions Barney Rumble and Deathrow Jethro wanting FSPW Owner Damien Christopher to grant each of them the title shot each felt was deserved after the controversy at RumbleMania IV. Damien informed them and the fans that the current champion Jason Sensation was injured and had a medical exemption. Rumble felt he could make the decision for him and he attacked Jethro. After several members of the locker room and Damien’s bodyguard Lou Cypher broke them up, Damien decided to grant the two men a title shot, against the FSPW Tag Team champions VinnDetta & “Irish Destroyer” Heater. Damien also decreed that they could beat the crap out of each other but once the bell rang, neither could cost the other the victory. (1) BoneZ the Cutthroat defeated the returning Pretty Fly. It seemed like BoneZ was also trying to make a statement that he deserved to be in the FSPW title picture.  

(2) La Familia Latina (El Jugador & Tony) defeated CIA (Son of Sicily & Stone Cates) via DQ when the CIA grabbed chairs and blatantly attacked their opponents. The CIA was joined at ringside by “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo and James T. Micco, Manager of Superstars & Personal Consultant to Champions. (3) Ray Beez (w/Bums R Us member Benny Bennett) became #1 contender to FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation when he defeated “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo. After the match Romeo was irate and said FSPW would be hearing from his people in the coming days. 

(4) Despite their efforts to see each other get injured, Deathrow Jethro and Barney Rumble became FSPW Tag Team champions when they VinnDetta & Pretty Fly (who substituted for “Irish Destroyer” Heater who was tending to a family emergency.)  Before the next match John Q of the Fed Up North tried to get Torcher to put his hair on the line. When Torcher declined, John Q and James Morrison goaded a fan into taking Torcher’s place.  

(5) In a hair vs. fan’s hair match Fed Up North member James Morrison (w/John Q) defeated “Fire Breathing Monster” Torcher. Lou Cypher was bought off by money from Teddy D. of the F.U.N. While the haircutting went on, Cypher attacked Torcher and did some damage to Torcher’s larynx. Through an intermediary Torcher demanded Damien Christopher make a match on July 7th for him to face Cypher.  (6) In a Rematch Ordered by FSPW Owner Damien Christopher after RumbleMania IV, VA Hampton became FSPW Florida champion when he defeated “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia in a Last Man Standing match.  FSPW already has dates secured at the same venue for July 7th and August 4th. TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED AT GALLERY BILLIARDS, OR DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE TO LOCAL AREA BY CALLING 941-580-0112. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.FSPWONLINE.COM  OR CALL OUR TICKET NUMBER ABOVE. If you have any questions log onto the FSPW website link below or contact Damien directly at [email protected]