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From the offices of Damien Christopher International and Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling:

Free up Saturday June 9th because you have plans with Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling. We aren’t leaving the Hall, just expanding out into other parts of town. Like Sarasota’s Gallery Billiards on Northgate Blvd.  The show is called Maivia-Hampton III. At RumbleMania IV VA Hampton suffered a severe injury to his knee. DCI & FSPW received a call from Mr. Hampton demanding one more shot at the “Better Than Florida” champion “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia. After talking to his physician we were ready to deny Mr. Hampton’s request. However after listening to Mr. Hampton and hearing tons of legal threats from Mr. Maivia’s camp, Damien Christopher has decided to give the fans the match one more time!!

The other half of the main event is the current FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation putting his title on the line against Ray Beez. Being a “neighbor” of Damien Christopher, he feels a soft spot in his heart for Beez. After a great effort against FSPW star George Rodriguez, Mr. Christopher feels Beez is ready for a shot at the “Big Gold Belt.” So he will get it on June 9th. That match will happen despite the protest of the two most recent and former FSPW Heavyweight champions Deathrow Jethro and Barney Rumble. Representatives for both gentlemen; actually Rumble’s lawyer and the Angola Prison warden, sent notification that both men want to have in-person conversations with Mr. Christopher before the June 9th event. Mr. Christopher feels both men are honorable and will listen to their queries.  

Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling presents:Maivia/Hampton IIISaturday June 9, 2007 Special 5pm belltime Gallery Billiards 1925 Northgate Blvd. (located in the Northgate Plaza) Sarasota, Florida (941) 355-5630 www.fspwonline.com Tickets for all ages are $8 Rematch Ordered by FSPW Owner Damien Christopher after Maivia’s actions at RumbleMania IV!!FSPW Florida champion “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia vs. VA Hampton FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation vs. Ray Beez 

FSPW Tag Team champions VinnDetta & Heater vs. A Team of Damien Christopher’s choosing CIA (Son of Sicily & Stone Cates) vs. Latin Cartel (Tito and Tony) 

“Fire Breathing Monster” Torcher vs. Fed Up North member James Morrison (w/John Q) BoneZ the Cutthroat vs. Suicide 

George Rodriguez vs. Twizted Vengeance   All matches are subject to change without notice from Damien Christopher and the offices of FSPW.  We already have dates secured at the same venue for July 7th and August 4th. TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED AT GALLERY BILLIARDS, OR DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE TO LOCAL AREA BY CALLING 941-580-0112. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.FSPWONLINE.COM  OR CALL OUR TICKET NUMBER ABOVE.