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From the offices of Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling and Damien Christopher International:

I wish to thank everyone for coming out to SUMMER HEAT IV on July 7th. We witnessed some great matches and because of two of them we already have matches set for our August 4th event. One was announced after the main event of our last show. The FSPW Heavyweight champion “the Prodigy” Jason Sensation will take on number one contender Ray Beez in a hardcore rules bout. That means no countouts, no disqualifications and the only way to win is pinfall or submission. Yesterday I received a call from a certain FSPW star who will remain nameless for the moment. He wanted to know how he fit into the heavyweight title picture. We shall see what can be done for this star in the coming days.

The other match concerns the FSPW Tag Team champions Deathrow Jethro & Barney Rumble who defeated La Familia Latina at Summer Heat IV. On Monday our offices received a letter from the Angola Prison , the current home of Deathrow Jethro. In the letter he expressed his anger at his “partner” who attacked La Familia Latina after the match without provocation. Jethro asked our offices to grant a rematch on the 8/4 event. At this moment we will grant the request and await a reply from Jethro’s volatile partner, as we are sure Mr. Rumble will not be happy. 

We will be announcing the rest of the event in the coming days. We expect FSPW Florida champion VA Hampton to be in attendance as well as the members of the Fed Up North. Plus the CIA, Myles Long, Pretty Fly, Austin Avalon and possibly BoneZ the Cutthroat if his ship is docked at a nearby port.

Be sure to buy tickets early because we were crowded last event. Remember if you come to the event early, you get to play pool for free. See you August 4th.

Damien Christopher

Chairman/CEO DCI. LLC


FSPW @ Gallery Billiards

Saturday August 4th

1925 Northgate Blvd in Sarasota


Hardcore Rules!!

FSPW Heavyweight champion “the Prodigy” Jason Sensation vs. Ray Beez (w/Benny Bennett)

Rematch from Summer Heat IV

FSPW Tag Team champions Deathrow Jethro & Barney Rumble vs. La Familia Latina members Tito Cartel & “Hardcore Conquistador” Tony

We will be announcing more matches in the coming weeks. TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED AT GALLERY BILLIARDS, OR DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE TO LOCAL AREA BY CALLING 941-580-0112. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.FSPWONLINE.COM  OR CALL OUR TICKET NUMBER ABOVE. If you have any questions log onto the FSPW website link below or contact Damien directly at [email protected]