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ECWAThe final spot in the ECWA Super 8 tournament goes to a familiar face: ‘Vietnam Phenom’ Matt Saigon!

Few things in independent wrestling are more storied or important than the annual East Coast Wrestling Association Super 8 Tournament. The eight tournament is single elimination and is in year 18 of showcasing the top young stars in today’s independent scene. A list of past participants reads like a who’s who of notable wrestling stars such as WWE’s Daniel Bryan, Christian, the Hardy Boys, Xavier Woods, Austin Aries, and Christopher Daniels. Over the years thousands of fans have came to witness the next phase of history and who will become the next breakout performer. This year is no different than any other year… the field of eight are being planned… and the first 2 entrants have been announced. We also will have a special guest host this year… last year’s Super 8 winner Damian Dragon who has since retired from the wrestling business.

The tournaments unique hard hitting fast paced style lead to the creation of Ring of Honor and has also lead to dozens of copy cat tournaments looking to bottle up the lightning that was created back in 1997. But there is only one original tournament that showcases wrestlers that are upcoming and the next break out star who could be on a television screen near you very soon. To this day, to get an invitation is considered a high honor and a signification of pure talent.

On Saturday April 5, 2014 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware the fans will witness the greatest happening in indy professional wrestling! Here’s a look at the man selected to be in the eighth and final spot in the 2014 ECWA Super 8 Tournament after he won an Over the Top Rope Battle Royale on Saturday March 1, 2014 at ECWA’s event ‘Spring Battle III’: ‘Vietnam Phenom’ Matt Saigon

Saigon is quite possibly the most popular member of the Super 8 field this year even with his attitude change over the last year or so. He looks to use his impressive power to ground his much faster and high fleering counterparts. Formerly a 3 time ECWA tag team champion with friend and mentor (also last year’s Super 8 champion) Damian Dragon as Fusion DS, Saigon learned a great deal what it takes to be a champion whether they were cheered or booed. Not just an ECWA exclusive, Matt Saigon also has wrestled for places like Force One, TWA, World Extreme Wrestling, Fighting Spirit Wrestling, and most notably at Ring of Honor. Saigon’s a hard hitting, hard kicking powerhouse that can fly around the ring with the best of them. He excels at technical wrestling as well and has no problem weakening his opponents limb by limb. However, his short temper and overzealous nature have cost him many times before and one has to think if it will short circuit his run to the Super 8 trophy this year. In front of the ECWA faithful and his friend Damian Dragon, who is this year’s host, can the ‘Vietnam Phenom’ put his anger aside and destroy his way all the way to history? We’ll have to wait and see but one things for certain… he brings no shortage of his trademark intensity and we’re in for a quite a show from this man.

Matt Saigon looks to power his way to victory in the ECWA arena come April 5! If you’re a fan of independent wrestling you won’t want to miss this amazing night. Don’t miss independent wrestling history in the making!

So Saturday April 5, 2014.… it’s year 18 of the annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament. The field is chosen…. The competitors are ready to chase down their destiny…. And indy fans will be in for a show unlike any other in the world today. Come see why this amazing tournament is so highly regarded and why ECWA has produced more well known stars of wrestling than ANY OTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET!