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Here is the transcript:

MSL: And we are back on FIP Radio, with a very special guest at this time, we’re live to tape backstage in Inverness, Florida. The Necro Butcher has just battled Roderick Strong in an unbelievable fight, came out just a little short, did not win the FIP World Heavyweight title. And we’re talking to him right now right after his match. What’s going through your head at this moment?

NB: Roderick Strong, I’m not saying I underestimated you, but I definitely saw a side of you tonight, that I hadn’t seen before. I saw a little bit of that killer instinct, when you were swinging those chairs, and swinging that guardrail around. And I’m not saying I underestimated ya’, or took you lightly, but I am saying this, I wasn’t ready for what I got, I’ll be a man and admit that. But I’m not done by no means. You have not seen the last of me in FIP, whether it be me and Pondo against the Briscoes, or another shot at Roderick Strong, or the Heritage title by Erick Stevens…I am not done here by no means!

MSL: Now Necro, you come into FIP in the recent months, and you’ve taken FIP by storm! You bring your unique style here to FIP, you’ve had some unbelievable wars, you had the title shot tonight. What is it been like, coming here to Florida, and fighting in front of fans that really haven’t seen you before?

NB: It’s always a treat for me to go to new places. And I haven’t been to Florida period, in years and years. So to come here, and do what I love to do, which is beat people up in the ring, and get paid for it, I have no complaints.

MSL: So, like you said, we saw Roderick Strong, a new side of Roderick Strong. And that was one of the interesting things when this match was announced, is how would Roderick Strong rise to the challenge of facing you, the Necro Butcher, and everything you bring to the table. Do you think Roderick Strong maybe just thought he had to fight your fight to have any chance against you?

NB: Well I think what the question is, well, to answer your question first, I think he did what he had to do to survive. The question I wanna’ know is, how is he gonna’ react, next time there’s a match and I know what he’s capable of, how much further am I gonna’ turn up the notch next time!

MSL: So you’re demanding a rematch, you want another fight with Roderick Strong?

NB: If it’s that easy, hell yeah. If it’s that easy to demand a rematch, then yeah. Right here, right now, all over again.

MSL: And if you’ve gotta’ fight your way back to a title shot, your willing to do that.

NB: If the money’s right, I’m there!

MSL: Now, you mentioned before, you’ve had some battles with the Briscoe Brothers, with your partner Mad Man Pondo. What are some of the differences from a singles match with Roderick Strong, tagging with Mad Man Pondo, what do you prefer? What do you like and dislike about the different divisions?

NB: Well, I think I started off fighting hot as far as fighting the best in the league, when it came to the tag team champs the Briscoes, and the heavyweight champ Roderick Strong. In that sort of situation when you deal with the best of the best, you can’t really make much comparison, other than you’re going out there with your ‘A’ game, and trying to win the match. Whether that’s knowing you have someone at your back in a tag match, or knowing your out there alone in a singles match. Both bring different unique elements to the match.

MSL: Now let’s say you were to be granted a rematch with Roderick Strong, do you have any sort of stipulation in mind maybe that you’d like to have some special rules for another match?

NB: Whatever. Whoever’s in charge of this place. Whatever they want to put together, I’m down! You name it I’ve done it. Whether it’s fire, chairs, cactus, scaffolds, you name it I’ve done it. And I’m more than happy to go out there again with the belt on the line, in one of my specialty matches.

MSL: Now let’s say we add fire to the equation, or glass, thumbtacks, cactuses..or cacti. Do you think Roderick Strong can handle that, having just gone toe to toe with him seconds ago, minutes ago. Looking into his eyes, do you think he can handle something like that?

NB: I guess we’ll find out together won’t we?

MSL: Well certainly, I think all of the fans of FIP would be looking forward to that. It was a great match tonight. There was a lot of hype on this match, I don’t know if you’ve been listening to the show, but everybody was expecting a great war tonight, and you more than delivered. So thank you very much for giving it your all out there. And I know you’ve got to be disappointed with the result, but we hope to see a rematch. So thank you Necro Butcher for coming on the show, and we hope to have you on again. We’re gonna’ take a quick break, and we’ll be right back, on FIP Radio!