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First Ever Empress Of The Ring Crowned In Allentown!
12/06/09 – This past Saturday WXW C4 continued the Allentown tradition of hosting the most important and prestigous tournament in womens wrestling today, but after 8 years it was held for the first time under WXW C4’s banner of Empress Of The Ring.  And just like in the past, the fans were treated to some amazing matches, shocking results, new faces that were able to cement their spot on the roster, and a veteran who was able to come out on top proving that after over 20 plus years in the ring, she hasn’t lost a step and is STILL the one to beat.

  Before getting into the results of the Empress Of The Ring tournament, WXW C4 is proud to announce that a camera crew for CANAL +, a premium television channel out of France, were on hand to film the event and interview tournament participants and the front office of WXW C4 in order to use the footage on a documentary on wrestling in America that will be released in the first quater of 2010.  After seeing all of the stars that the Womens Division has produced over the years and knowing that WXW was the first company to give the women of independent wrestling an open stage to showcase their talent, there was no doubt in the minds of the producers that there was no other company, or womens tournament for that matter, that could give European fans a snapshot of what womens wrestling is like today in America.  The crew followed around WSTC graduate Niya before the event, documenting what it took to get ready for an event such as this, and interviewed a number of the participants in the tournament that night in order to show France the best that America has to offer.  WXW C4 would like to thank the crew of CANAL + for coming down to the event and we are all looking forward to seeing the final product as it will be released in conjunction with the CANAL + debut of “The Wrestler.”
  In the opening rounds of the Empress Of The Ring Tournament, Mercedes Martinez advanced by defeating Brittney Savage and WSTC Graduate Niya defeated Jana setting up Martinez vs Niya in the semi-finals of the tournament.  At the other end of the brackes Pryme Tyme Amy Lee defeated Alicia and Roxxie Cotton came up short in her opening round match against the returning Annie Social
  In the semi finals matches, Amy Lee advanced to the finals by defeating Annie Social.  However things didn’t go quite as easy for Niya or Mercedes Martinez in their semi final match.  After a strong match between the two, the bell suddenly rang indicating that the time limit had expired for the semi final match.  Instead of giving the match an additional 5 minutes as asked by the participants, Commissioner Maven Bentley decided to allow BOTH competitors to advance to the finals against Amy Lee in a 3 way elimination match, a first time ever for the prestigous women’s tournament. 
  In the unique 3 way elimination finals, Amy Lee was able to pin Mercedes Martinez to become the first Empress Of The Ring.  After the ref went down, Mercedes Martinez had the match won but had to help him come to.  As she was attending to the Ref, Amy Lee took advantage of the situation and hit a ddt on Martinez, hooking the tights for good luck and the win.  Earlier in the match, Martinez eliminated Niya. 
  Although Niya wasn’t able to come out on top this year, she had went further then any rookie has in any women’s tournament held in the past 8 years.  Niya is definately a WSTC Graduate that WXW C4 is proud of and the women of WXW C4 better watch out because if this past Saturday was any indication, Niya will be one to look out for in the future.
  WXW C4 also held a number of non tournament matches that were taped for Blast TV.  In order to find out the results of those matches, tune in to Blast TV each Sunday night on Service Electric TV2 at 10 pm and to HybridEnt.TV anytime through out the week to check out the latest edition of Blast TV.
  Congratulations to the 2009 Empress Of The Ring winner Amy Lee and thank you to all the fans who braved the weather and came out to support WXW C4 and Women’s wrestling.  If you weren’t able to make it out this past Saturday, the Empress Of The Ring DVD will be released at WXW C4 Online in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to keep checking out WXWC4.com for more information.