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ECWA is widely known as the home of the Super 8 Tournament where the top independent wrestlers have showcased their talents yearly since 1997! Most of our participants have gone on to greater heights in WWE, TNA, ROH, and around the globe! So one wonders why it took so long for the women of independent wrestling to get a similar showcase… So ECWA and ChickFight management partnered to together to think of a revolutionary new idea… an all women’s Super 8 Tournament! Finally the most beautiful, talented, and deadly women on the indies have an arena to showcase all they can do! And what makes this tournament so special is that not only do they get the prestige of winning the Super 8 itself but they also will become the NEW ECWA Women’s Champion! How’s that for making history?

Last year’s tournament was widely regarded by critics and fans as one of the best women’s shows in years on the independent circuit. This year’s will be NO DIFFERENT! In this last installment of this article series we take a closer look at the remaining four participants not profiled last time around. You’ll learn a little about their careers and why they were chosen for the tournament! One thing’s for certain the roof of the Woodbury Heights Community Center may need to be replaced after this one. Don’t miss out on witnessing history and see who will walk away with all the bragging rights and glory come Saturday October 17!

A look at the remaining 4 participants:

Deonna PurrazzoThe young Italian beauty has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in ECWA and around the indie circuit. Getting her training from the D2W wrestling academy from men like TNA star Robbie E, she’s grown quite the repertoire of technical ability since her debut 3 years ago. Raising eyebrows everywhere she goes seems to be her trademark… she’s already worked for WWE as an extra and even had a match against Brooke Tessmacher at the TNA Knockouts One Night Only ppv. Traveling and wrestling in places like Old Time Wrestling, ECWA, ECPW, and numerous other promotions she’s gotten respect from fans and peers alike for her amazing work ethic and positive attitude. Purrazzo certainly is a woman to watch in this tournament as a win here could catapult her into super stardom on the independent scene.

Terra Calaway- Nicknamed the “Terradactyl”… she’s built a reputation being one of the most polished women’s wrestlers in the country. Starting her career as a manager for Vegas Championship Wrestling than quickly transitioning to a wrestler, Calaway has seemingly worked all over the North America continent perfecting her craft. Working for companies like NWA Hollywood, WSU, and a host of other promotions, she’s built a unique offense with a beautiful mixture of power, lucha, and technical wrestling that’s been extremely tough for opponents to combat. Her place in this tournament is a no brainer… she was entered in last year’s tourney but had to pull out due to personal problems. Hungry and ready to prove herself once again the masked beauty is poised to rip through the other seven women en route to making history.

Xandra Balethe woman that once dubbed herself “1000 pounds of awesomeness” is quite an interesting participant. Bale got her training from Rob Fuego and Marcus Marques… the same place as fellow Canadian beauty and Super 8 participant Jewells Malone. Bale is more known for her speedy technically sound arsenal of holds and suplexes than her power but it’s served her well over her near decade career. Some fans might have already seen her in places like Shimmer, Shine, and WSU. She’s a well respected veteran that is looking for that huge accomplishment to fully get her due as a big name in women’s wrestling. There’s nothing more deadly than a wrestler with something to prove and she easily could steal this tournament. Could we see a Super 8 Finals of Canada vs. Canada? With amazing talents like Malone and Bale it might not be an IF but just a matter of time.

Kennadi Brink (formerly known as Jessie Kaye)-  The artist formerly known as Jessie Kaye is making a HUGE return to the East Coast and the ECWA. Already a former ECWA Women’s Champion in the past… things have certainly changed since the ECWA last saw her. Brink has since sought out even further training in wrestling by joining Team 3D wrestling academy, ran by legendary WWE/ECW/TNA tag team the Dudley Boyz. Sporting a new look and a new attitude, what kind of competitor will we see October 17? She will easily be the deadliest competitor in the ring that night… she’s as well known for impressive power as her technical wrestling making her the toughest woman in independent wrestling to pin or beat. Being a wrestler’s wrestler she is out to make it to the tippy top of women’s wrestling in the WWE someday. Winning the Super 8 Tournament and reclaiming a title she actually never was beat for is THE mission for the confident beauty.

And there you have it, you have read about the women in the field of 8 in this year’s Super 8 Tournament! You can’t miss this chance to witness history because this year it’s truly ANYONES guess who will come out on top! You never know which one of these beauties will be on your tv next week… so come see the biggest future stars in women’s professional wrestling! Stay tuned for further updates and information about the show on ECWA’s Facebook and Twitter in the coming days leading to Saturday October 17. This is THE PLACE to be!

ECWA WEBPAGE: http://ecwaprowrestling.com