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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.


On Saturday June 30, 2007 WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling held their second event. It was held at the Temple Terrace Recreational Center, 6610 E. Whiteway Drive in Temple Terrace, FL.


(1) “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez defeated Dan Rodman.

Rodman tried to play mind games with Perez, slapping him in the chest on a clean corner break. On the next corner break Rodman went for a right hand punch but only it air as Perez moved and hit an armdrag takeover but Rodman went to the ropes. Rodman scrambled to the roped and on the break Perez got him in a headlock takeover. Again Rodman went to the ropes for the break. On the lockup Perez got another side headlock takeover but Rodman’s body was so long he got the ropes with his legs. Perez switched his attack to a hammerlock but Rodman escaped only to miss an elbow drop which led to another side headlock takeover. Rodman got out and shot Perez off but Rodman dropped expecting Perez to run over. Instead Perez dropped into a side headlock. Both men fought for control of an overhand wristlock but when Rodman complained of a hair pull, he moved the referee so he could pull Perez’s hair and hit a clothesline. Rodman used his power advantage to work over Perez’s back and also some chokes on the ropes. Perez reversed an Irish whip and went for a dropkick But Rodman grabbed the ropes to stop his momentum. Rodman kept working the back with a bearhug that nearly got a submission but Perez fought out with punches and kicks but Rodman hit him with a sideslam. Rodman went for a waistlock but Perez used momentum to take both men to the corner and get the rollover pinfall win.


(2) Keith Walker and Ryck Lon defeated Team Elite (Mike Knox & Derrick Neikirk).

Lon and Neikirk started out with Lon using his strength to toss Neikirk around and using the referee’s count to his advantage. Neikirk used quickness to avoid a corner splash and hit a belly to belly suplex that sent Lon to the floor to regroup. This meant Walker tagging in but getting taken down by a legsweep from Neikirk. Knox tagged in and laid in some chops before taking Walker down to the mat. The Team Elite advantage went well with several tags but came to a screeching halt when Walker tossed Neikirk to the floor and the ring post shoulder first. Lon and Walker made several tags working over the injured arm but not getting a pin or submission from Neikirk. Team Elite was close to a tag but Walker knocked Knox to the floor so he couldn’t tag in. Somehow Neikirk survived and made the tag to the well rested Knox who came in ready to fight. Knox slammed Lon and hit a standing splash but got two, even though the timekeeper felt it was three. Lon and Walker used this controversy to get a pinfall win.


(3) In a ladies match refereed by Krissy Vaine, Nattie Neidhart defeated Shantelle Taylor.

In case you wondered, yes she is the daughter of Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart. Both ladies squared off with a series of moves that led Neidhart to try for the Sharpshooter but Taylor got to her feet. Neidhart used a hand full of hair to drive Taylor’s face into the mat before hitting a chest chop. Neidhart hit a slam and got two which only made her angry and led to a momentary cat fight situation. Neidhart blocked a kick and sent Taylor to the mat in a split. This set up another attempt at the Sharpshooter but Taylor countered into a small package for two. Both ladies collided mid ring and scrambled to their feet to hold a forearm shiver contest but Taylor hit a series of clotheslines and a running knee but got two. Taylor and Vaine argued over a possible slow count and it nearly cost Taylor the match as Neidhart hit a facebuster for two. This led to an argument between Neidhart and Vaine. When Neidhart turned around she got hit with a Chick Kick but Vaine refused to count the pin. Neidhart regained her senses and rolled up Taylor for a fast counted pinfall win.


(4) In a “Triple Threat” match, 2006 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson defeated Afa Anoai of the Samoan Fight Club and G-Rilla.

I don’t think Wilson and Anoai together weighed as much as G-Rilla and Anoai tried to form an alliance with Wilson. It lased all of five seconds as he allowed Smith to run right into G-Rilla who tossed Wilson to the floor. Anoai had no choice but to lock up with G-Rilla who escaped a waistlock and a headlock sending Anoai to the floor as Wilson came in. Wilson tried to take G-Rilla’s legs out but Anoai came back in and attacked Wilson with a bodyslam. For a moment Anoai and G-Rilla worked together to work over Wilson’s back but as before, Anoai broke the deal attacking G-Rilla from behind. Wilson fought back trying to take G-Rilla to the corner but G-Rilla took Wilson up with a bodyslam as Anoai used the dreaded Samoan headbutt to get control. Instead G-Rilla hit a clothesline that sent Anoai to the floor. Wilson tried to attack but it backfired as G-Rilla slammed him but his power bomb was stopped when Anoai hit him with a superkick. Wilson recovered and hit Anoai with a springboard headscissor and a slingshot legdrop to the apron. This allowed G-Rilla to recover and he tossed Wilson to the floor but Wilson caught the ropes and hit a springboard dropkick for two. Wilson hit two forearms but when he went to the ropes for momentum, Anoai held the ropes open and Wilson went to the floor. Somehow Anoai hit G-Rilla with a Samoan Drop and a top rope frog splash but couldn’t get the pin as the move knocked the wind out of his body. Wilson waited on the apron for Anoai to get to his feet and hit a springboard into a sunset flip to win the hard fought bout.


(5) Kofi Kingston defeated Johnny Curtis.
Kingston and Curtis traded takeovers but Kingston held on for an armbar but Curtis immediately went to the ropes for the break. Kingston got Curtis in a hammerlock but it was reversed only to have Kingston reverse the hold into a mat based hammerlock. Kingston dropped a knee on the arm but Curtis got to his feet only to be hit with two armdrags and a hip toss. Curtis backed to a corner and used Kingston’s tights for leverage as he sent Kingston face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Curtis used every dirty trick he could think of to take control of the match, from chokes on the ropes to hair pulling. Curtis took Kingston down into a body scissor but released the hold to inflict more punishment but it backfired as Kingston hit armdrag. Kingston countered out of a back suplex and hit a dropkick and stopped a corner move with an elbow to Curtis’ jaw. Kingston hit several palm strikes to the chest and hit ten punches in the corner. Kingston hit a Thunderbolt Patterson finisher and a legdrop but got two. Kingston hit a top rope splash but the momentum allowed Curtis to pin Kingston with his feet on the ropes. But Dr. Tom Pritchard told the referee that the feet were on the ropes and ordered the match be restarted. It didn’t go long as Kingston won via pinfall after hitting a spinning leg lariat.


(6) Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith vs. “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne (w/Heath Wallace Miller Esq.)

Before the match Osborne demanded the fans cheer for him, of course this led to the fan reining boos on him and his manager. Miller also took some time to insult the fans and Smith. Smith did his talking in the ring with armdrags and hiptosses which kept Osborne on the defensive. Smith hit several moves but refused to release Osborne’s left arm. Osborne avoided a corner move and went up top but Smith took him back to the mat with an armdrag into an armbar submission hold. Osborne got to the ropes and on a lock up, grabbed Smith in a headlock and punched him in the face. Osborne tossed Smith to the floor where Miller got involved before Osborne came out to slam Smith’s back against the ring apron. Back in the ring Osborne kept attacking the back with a body stretch submission hold. Smith fought to his feet and tried to reverse the hold but instead kneed Osborne in the gut. Osborne blocked a kick and locked Smith in a sleeper hold, which nearly got him the title but Smith fought to his feet. Smith ducked a punch and hit Osborne with a back suplex but both men struggled to their feet. Smith blocked several punches as he hit Osborne with several. Smith hit a bodyslam and two dropkicks followed by a powerslam for two. Smith had Osborne up for the Running Powerslam but Osborne slid off and hit a neckbreaker for two. Smith got an inside cradle for two but Osborne got to his feet first hitting a clothesline. Osborne went for a running knee to the corner but Smith moved and hit the Davey Boy Smith Running Powerslam to retain the title. After the match the fans let Osborne know they thought he sucked.


(7) In the main event, Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Doink the Clown.

At the bell Duggan refused to put down his trusty 2×4 until Doink put down his rubber chicken. Finally we got to action as both men fought for control of a collar-elbow tie up. Doink got in a kneelift but Duggan got in three clotheslines that sent Doink to the floor. Doink came back in and Duggan offered a free punch but Duggan blocked it and hit several right hand punches of his own sending Doink to the floor once more. Doink came back in and saw a backdrop coming so he kicked Duggan in the chest and began a series of Greco-roman choke holds risking a DQ. Duggan fought out of a rear chinlock but ran right into another kneelift from Doink. Doink locked in the chinlock again, putting all his weight on Duggan’s neck. Once again Duggan used the crowd’s energy to get a boost of adrenaline to fight up to his feet. Duggan blocked a corner move and hit Doink with ten punches to the head. Duggan threw Doink to a neutral corner and hit his patented football clothesline to win.