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PWManiaFormer ECW personality Lou D’Angeli (aka Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously) recently took some time to take part in a two-part Q&A exclusively with PWMania.com. In part two D’Angeli gives his thoughts on WWE PG, if Hardcore Wrestling has a place in the world today, his regrets, comparing ECW to WWE and more. Here are some highlights:

What are your thoughts about WWE PG? Well…I worked there so I know how important that rating is to retain sponsorships, etc…personally I think more edgy would be great however they are a business and for their business PG works.

Do you think “Hardcore Wrestling” has a place on the world today? Really if the brand is just hardcore it becomes boring quickly…like I said earlier you need a balance…you need to have a show with traditional angles, high spot guys, hardcore, the girls, and really good storylines…to me that is the recipe to at least get a good diverse product going…it was the formula for ECW and I think people forget that…ECW wasn’t always hardcore…it had a balance…every show was a balance and that’s why it worked.

How different of a dynamic was ECW from WWE? No comparison. Everything from the way the office was run to the booking to the travel to the schedules to the production to the atmosphere…everything was a polar opposite…

You can read the interview in its entirety at this link.