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adam cole

Pro-Wrestling PWF returns to action this weekend with TWO big live events.

The fun starts tomorrow night at Hashimoto Hall, 400 Hubert Blvd., Hubert, NC with a 7:30PM belltime.

Matches include:

  1. Triple Threat Rules for the PWF Universal tag team titles as CW Anderson and Timmy Lou Retton defend against the L & F Express and Zane Riley & Jakob Hammermeier.
  1. This Is Pro-Wrestling: Shinjiro Otani International Openweight champion Killerweight Joseph Black & Next Generation Ace Colby Corino vs. The Gift Jason Kincaid & ROH Star Adam Page
  1. If Jannazzo loses, Cicero gets 5 minutes with Damoochie. If Cicero loses, he can’t challenge for the PWF title for 1 year:  The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo w/Vinnie Damoochie vs. Dr. Jack Cicero
  1. Rookie Star DC Delaney vs. Mr. Everything Victor Andrews
  1. The Michigan Assassin Bobby Wohlfort vs. Asaafi

Plus Jagger, Fabulous Frankie Fontaine, James Anthony, and Emanuel Bodega has a special announcement!

Tickets are just $12 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13. Family of 4 is just $27.50 (Best Value). You can purchase tickets at the Door or via PayPal at [email protected]. Doors open at 7PM, with the matches starting at 7:30PM. The event will be over by or before 9:45PM.

Club VIPWF Access: $5 Extra for Adults, $2 for Kids. Enter at 6:30PM, guaranteed Front Row, and get 1-2 Bonus Matches.

**Today Only Special: If you buy your advance tickets via PayPal today, you will not only get Club VIPWF access for free, you will get 50% off your May 20th Hubert tickets!!!


Then on Saturday night, Pro-Wrestling PWF makes our debut on Camp Lejeune for an All-Star Action Packed Night of pro-wrestling!

Join us at the Russell Center (Building 40) for a Special 7PM belltime.

Former ROH World champion Adam Cole will be in the house and will challenge Shinjiro Otani International Openweight champion Killerweight Joseph Black for the title!

Plus The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo will defend the PWF Universal Heavyweight title vs. ECW Original and former 2-time champion CW Anderson!

Next Generation Ace Colby Corino will go one on one with Modern Vintage Wrestling champion Jason “The Gift” Kincaid, in what could be a Match Of The Year candidate.

In A “Semper Fi Special”, proud Marines Bobby Wohlfort and DC Delaney get to show their fellow Marines and Marine families what pro-wrestling means to them!

Serious wrestling goes out the window as Zane Riley and Jakob Hammermeier tangle with the L & F Express.

ROH Star Adam Page takes on Mr. Everything Victor Andrews.

Plus Dr. Jack Cicero, Franklin Fontaine, Emanuel Bodega, Will Huckaby, Jones The Limo Driver, James Anthony, and more!

Tickets are only $12 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13 and are available at the door. Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal is accepted!!!


And don’t forget that Pro-Wrestling PWF returns to Hashimoto Hall on Friday, May 20 with the PWF Universal 6-man tag team title tournament!!!