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On the heels of announcing legendary World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas as joining our vocal ranks, we at Outsource Announcing are pleased to announce another addition in the form of Jack Korpela! Jack has served many roles in his broadcasting career from news anchor to motorsports announcer, but he is best known for his five years spent as a commentator for World Wrestling Entertainment, including such programs as WWE Superstars, WWE Heat and NXT. Jack is a life-long wrestling fan and is now available to voice-over your event, match, commercial, or video package today! Remember – Jack’s Got Your Back!
For more information or to discuss opportunities, please use one of the following to contact us –
More information: www.Joe-Dombrowski.com and click on “Outsource Announcing”

What Is Outsource Announcing?

Outsource Announcing provides production services for professional wrestling events, the majority of which are done from home to save YOU extra overhead costs! No need to pay for extra time, travel, etc. to transport us to your event, O.A. can help make your show look, sound and feel like a big league experience right from home! Remember – Perception is reality! Tell your fans that your wrestling promotion is must-see viewing! Get Outsource Announcing to enhance your presentation today!

Services Offered:

Can You Tell Me More About How Your Voice-Over Commentary Works?

Upon an agreement being reached between yourself and O.A., simply send us a copy of the show(s) you’d like voiced via DVD, hard drive, or hidden internet link (ie. YouTube). Whichever members of our announce team you choose to work the show, will record the session according to whatever story/structure notes you may wish to provide (optional). If you like, we can sync the commentary audio to the video of your show (unless you’ve sent us a YouTube link) and return to you a finished product, or we can send you the audio files if you wish to complete the syncing in-house.

What Commentators Are Available To Call My Show?

You may select as few or as many announcers as you want. Including…

Joe Dombrowski – Veteran play-by-play voice has broadcasted for Ring of Honor, Border City Wrestling (Canada), 1PW (UK), IWC, Wrestling Cares (Los Angeles), plus various Pay-Per-View broadcasts, as well as hosted and produced DVD releases such as “The Montreal Theory” and “Finding Zach Gowen”

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas – Opinionated color commentator brings you is loud, brash, in your face attitude that has helped him cement his status as a legend over the past thirty years. Known for his interviews just as much as his matches, Shane has competed in WWE, WCW, TNA, and countless other companies, but is perhaps best remembered as one of the flag-bearers, and multiple time World Champion in the original ECW.

Jack Korpela – Lifelong wrestling fan spent five years as an announcer in WWE, hosting such shows as WWE Superstars, WWE Heat, and NXT. Jack’s credentials have also led to him wearing a variety of other hats – from news anchor to motorsports announcer. Jack’s passion and preparation will surely enhance any project he’s associated with. Remember: Jack’s got your back!

And more!

What Other Services Does Outsource Announcing Offer?

*BRAND NEW* – Live iPPV Streaming – Want to showcase your product WORLDWIDE? We’ll come to your show with all appropriate equipment, staff, cameras, announcer, & post editing tools to give you a perfect finished live product, both live on iPPV, replay video-on-demand, as well as a DVD of the final product to market & sell.

Graphic Art – DVD Covers, DVD Disc Art, Live Event Posters, basically any type of art you may need to advertise, market, showcase, and enhance your talent, stories, or live events, we will get the job done!

Video Packages/Commercials – Need your message/story told in a tight 30 or 60 second ad? Want to set the stage for a major card featuring a months-long feud culmination? We can help!

Would Your Announcers Also Be Able To Travel To My Event To Provide Commentary Live & In-Person?


What Is Your Pricing?

Pricing varies depending on the project in question and whom you would like involved. Contact us for a quote!


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East Coast Wrestling Association (Delaware)
International Wrestling Cartel (PA)
PRIME Wrestling (OH)
Matt Riviera/Traditional Champ. Wrestling (AR)


“Having had the pleasure of working with Joe on several occasions, I can tell you that he makes every show he’s on better. Great storyteller, big voice and a total pro.” – Kevin Kelly, veteran WWF/WWE/ROH broadcaster

“I was pleasantly surprised. You have a smooth style…. you do wrestling well.” – JJ Dillon, legendary wrestling manager, former WWF/WCW/NWA executive

“Joe Dombrowski has a passion for our business and it is always evident in his broadcast. It is my opinion that he would enhance any professional wrestling product.” – Jerry Jarrett, legendary promoter of Memphis territory

“Joe Dombrowski has a voice of gold, knows his stuff, and can make any broadcast better.” – Adam Pearce, former Ring of Honor booker, multi-time NWA World Champion

“Joe will bring a professional, polished approach to any wrestling promotion. Highly recommended.” – Zach Gowen, one-legged wrestling phenom.

“If you want THE highest level of commentary for your pro wrestling promotion, you want Joe Dombrowski. Hands down, Joe is the best.” – Anthony Kingdom James, veteran wrestler/promoter/booker/announcer/producer/radio host