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antonio thomasFormer WWE superstar Antonio “The Promise” Thomas recently took some time to take part in a Q&A exclusively with PWMania.com. Thomas spoke on a number of topics from his time in WWE and still wanting to accomplish more with the company, wanting to wrestle Shawn Michaels, his indy career and more.

Here are some highlights:

Tell us a little bit about your stint in WWE, how was that? Being in WWE was a dream come true-you are with the best and on the biggest stage and, of course, the money isn’t bad either… I wish my time there was more than 2 years, but it gave me a chance to live my lifelong goal.

Are you still in contact with anyone in WWE and is a return to WWE ever something you would consider if given the chance? Yes, I am still in contact with people there. If it were right for the company and for me, I would definitely consider a return. I never wanted to leave and wanted to, and still want to, accomplish many things there.

Is there any one wrestler that you would like to have a match with if given the opportunity? The one wrestler I would want to work with, hands down, would be Shawn Michaels.

You can read the interview in its entirety at this link.