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“Outsource Announcing”, the professional wrestling post-production company founded and operated by Joe Dombrowski (Ring of Honor, Border City Wrestling, “The Montreal Theory”, IWC) has provided quality and affordable means to enhance the presentation of professional wrestling events since 2011 through voice-over commentary, as well as graphic work, without the hassle of paying to bring a staff to your show in person. However, our brand has hit a new level of quality and prestige with the announcement of the legendary “Franchise” Shane Douglas joining our ranks!

Shane has been outspoken and controversial nearly his entire career. Best known as the flag-bearer of the original Extreme Championship Wrestling for many years, Douglas has had success in professional wrestling for over 30 years, including time spent in World Wrestling Entertainment, World Championship Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action, and countless other organizations. Shane is never short on opinions or observations, and loves to speak his mind, and adds a flavor and personality second to none. Now, you’ll have the opportunity to add Shane to your DVDs, iPPVs, webstreams, and more!

Outsource Announcing has been operated by Dombrowski and a small team of graphic designers for nearly four years. Dombrowski takes his 12-years experience as an internationally-traveled-and-televised play-by-play broadcaster to add credibility, emotion, and story to every situation he is assigned to call. Outsource Announcing’s services have been used to benefit such promotions as Delaware’s East Coast Wrestling Association, Pennsylvania’s International Wrestling Cartel, Ohio’s PRIME Wrestling TV, commercial voice-overs, as well as several nationally televised Pay-Per-View broadcasts. O.A. services have handled, in addition to commentary, design of live event posters, DVD covers & disc art, and production of trailers/commercials. We also have the means to travel to your event to stream worldwide via internet-Pay-Per-View!

You can book the announce team of “The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Joe Dombrowski to provide commentary for your wrestling event today! They are available to do post-production voice-overs or to travel to your event and appear live! For more information, please e-mail [email protected] or read more about Outsource Announcing at Joe-Dombrowski.com!