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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
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Pssst.. Want a Free Match?

Howdy, ClickWrestle fans. Today we are going offer each and every one of our customers a free match! We are curious about what wrestling fans are looking at on the web (when they aren’t buying matches at ClickWrestle, of course), so we are offering a free match to all customers who write in and let us know what their top three favorite wrestling-related websites are. These can be anything from your favorite promotion’s websites to trivia sites to community forums. To receive a free match, reply to this email with the URL of your top 3 favorite wrestling related websites by Sunday, June 28th. The free match will be a randomly chosen match delivered by Monday, June 29th. Send in those web addresses! Every single person who writes in gets the free match.

Are you the owner or operator of a wrestling website of your own? ClickWrestle is looking to expand it’s advertising reach, and that means we are looking for more websites to work with. If you’re an owner of a wrestling site, and are interested in making a little extra cash by advertising for ClickWrestle, contact our team by writing us at [email protected] and we will have a representative get in contact with you as soon as possible

ClickWrestler of the Week: Rain

This is our girl, Rain. You may have seen her in a recent ClickWrestle Video and Promotion, where she made it RAIN free matches for an entire week! Well, our fans appreciated it so much that we’ve decided to make her our ClickWrestler of the week. She might be a little mouthy at times, but this Homewrecker of the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew has had some excellent matches and a lot of them are featured right here on ClickWrestle:

Rain vs. Raisha Saeed


Rain vs. Brook Carter


Rain and Jetta vs. Danyah and Jennifer Blake


Rain vs. Lacey vs. MsChif vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Allison Danger vs. Daizee Haze


Rain vs. Mariko Yoshida

If you can’t wait for some more Rain matches, you are in luck! We are releasing two brand new Rain matches hot from Women Superstars Uncensored tomorrow morning! Swing by tomorrow afternoon to get your copy of Rain vs. Angel Orsini and Rain vs. Miss April.

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