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Quick results from http://wrestlefanfest.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=186

1 – Steiners beat the Dudleys. Dudleys hopped on the mic and got some cheap heat by making gay jokes about San Francisco.

2 – Gail Kim defeated Traci Brooks and Cheerleader Melissa – very nice match. Kim does some awesome maneuvers, but Cheerleader Melissa was the most over with the crowd, since she’s actually from San Francisco. All three women were gorgeous.

3 – Blue Meanie and Al Snow beat Luke Hawk and Alkatrazz

4 – Kamala and One Man Gang lost to The Powers of Pain – Slick and the hot chick (Francine) that accompanied the PoP made the match.

5 – Abyss and Sharkboy beat Lance Hoyt and some French dude

6 – OJ, Gangsta X, and Vic Grimes lost to Rikishi, Black Pearl and Gangrel – Black Pearl is very underrated and he really carried the match on his own.

7 – 32 man over the top Battle Royal featuring local talent and Chavo Guerrero Sr. – AWESOME work by all the Indie guys. April Hunter‘s boyfriend took a sick bump to the outside. I yelled “Get a Stretcher!” and the guy actually sold it like he had gotten knocked out. The ref believed me, and didn’t realize I was joking so they actually brought down a stretcher. Hilarious shit.

8 – Ultimo Dragon beat Billy Kidman – 4 star match. Download if ever available.

9 – Main Event: Steve Corino vs Sandman vs The Great Muta in a Hardcore Match. DDP comes in at the end for the screwjob finish after a couple HOLY SHIT moments. Muta wins. DDP gets over. Sandman was wasted. Corino made the match. ‘Nuff said.