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From the Desk of Tod Gordon: PWU Crazy Upd8 6/16

For the last two years, The Crazy 8 has been the signature event of PWU. Both times the match was fought over a title, with the winner having to retrieve the belt from the ceiling of the arena.  

We at PWU have decided that tradition is one that should continue.

Therefore, rather than a tag team grudge match, this year’s mega match will be for the Pro Wrestling Unplugged Heavyweight Championship. It will involve
current champion DEVON MOORE, the new fan favorite DETOX, and former PWU Heavyweight Champion, TOO COLD SCORPIO.

Watch the short video on ProWrestlingUnplugged.com showing the past two Crazy 8 matches, and let your imaginations go wild as you picture Scorpio swinging from those ropes and scaffolds as he tries to regain his title.

In addition, our other main event will be what I believe is the first ever tag team IRON MAN MATCH pitting the SAT’s and AMIL as they attempt to finally end this war once and for all.

We will be releasing more information later this week regarding other matches, our first ever tailgate party, and the names of some Superstars who will be debuting June 16th.