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MSL: And we are back on FIP Radio, and I’m joined at this time by Dave Prazak, the leader of DP Associates here in Full Impact Pro Wrestling. Also known the world over as a commenter for FIP and ROH. And we’ve worked together in the past.

DP: Yes, Mister Saint Laurent.

MSL: And so it’s long overdue that you’ve been on the show.

DP: Long overdue. It’s good to be here!

MSL: So what’s going on in the Dave Prazak universe? Catch people up to speed.

DP: Well in the DP Associates universe here in FIP, I still have Shingo under contract, I still have the masked man Delirious under contract, and I’m always looking for new talent to bring into my fold. And Delirious recently had a match against Jigsaw, “Battle of the Masked Men”, and Delirious came out on the winning end of that match up, because he is the best masked wrestler, in the entire universe. I don’t know if you knew that. Japan, Mexico, the United States, it’s Delirious.

MSL: For people that don’t know what Dave is talking about, a few weeks ago, in Inverness, Florida, International Impact: Phase 1, I believe it was the “Silly Mask Challenge”….

DP: That’s what I called it, because I was out there proclaiming to everybody about how Delirious is the best masked wrestler in the world. And out comes this guy with a puzzle piece on his mask, Jigsaw, claiming that he was better than Delirious, if you can believe that. So he’s like ‘Why don’t we settle this in the ring?’ and like ‘I’ll take you up on your silly mask challenge, that’s perfectly fine.’ So we went out to the ring and needless to say Delirious got the 1, 2, 3, and came out the winner.

MSL: So the “Silly Mask Challenge” was set, and the fans were very emotional about this match.

DP: Yeah for some reason all these fans like Jigsaw, for some reason. Because he’s a puzzle, kids like puzzles.

MSL: I can remember walking out from the back, and everyone is going crazy for Jigsaw.

DP: I don’t know why?

MSL: And I said to the sound guy, what is going on?

DP: Why doesn’t he take off his mask and see if they cheer him just as much. Huh?! If he didn’t have a stupid puzzle piece on his mask, they probably wouldn’t like the guy.

MSL: He should sell puzzles pieces at intermission, or something.

DP: Yes he should. I don’t know if people would buy them.

MSL: So you were victorious in the “Silly Mask Challenge”…

DP: Yes, Delirious was victorious.

MSL: And you, I’m sure, were excited about that. But let’s talk about the future a little bit. Coming up in May here in FIP, we’ve got some guys coming down here from Chicago, that maybe the Florida fans aren’t familiar with.

DP: Yes.

MSL: But I’m sure you’re familiar with them.

DP: I’m very familiar. I’m from Chicago, and outside of FIP I also work for other companies, of course, as you mentioned Ring of Honor, and one of those companies is All American Wrestling, in the Chicagoland area. All of the Chicago wrestlers that will be making their debuts in FIP during the month of May, come from AAW. And that includes a member of DP Associates Berwyn branch, I don’t necessarily know if I’m going to have him under contract here in FIP or not, that needs to be negotiated between myself and him. But, Trik Davis is one of those men who are coming down, making his first appearance in FIP. Some Ring of Honor fans may be familiar with him from some of the Mid-West Ring of Honor shows. Also, Danny Daniels, who maybe familiar to some Ring of Honor fans, he was part of the “New Carnage Crew” for a while. And during 2004 he was apart of Ring of Honor, and was also in the dying days of ECW he was a referee. You might recall he had that confrontation with Jerry Lynn, in the dying days of ECW. Danny Daniels will be here. And two of the hottest indy prospects, you know FIP all the top talent from around the independent scene, comes to FIP to get more exposure on the DVD’s, to expose themselves to the fans of Ring of Honor, who buy the FIP DVD’s at ROHwrestling.com. And two of the hottest prospects to come out of the Chicago area, are Tyler Black and Marek Brave. But Marek Brave and Tyler Black will both be making their first appearances for FIP during the month of May.

MSL: Now you talk to a lot of fans of FIP, and a lot of them say the same thing, Dave. ‘FIP has got the most eclectic roster, every month.’, one of the things that sets us apart. And honestly, I wasn’t aware there was another branch of DP Associates. Is this to franchise this thing out?

DP: Obviously, Delirious and Shingo are only under contract to me, for FIP events. It’s only here in Full Impact Pro. What they do in Dragon Gate, or what they do in Ring of Honor, you know, I don’t have any control over their matches there. So, DP Associates is not limited to FIP, this isn’t the only place that I manage, I do manage elsewhere, and there is a Berwyn, Illinois branch of DP Associates, at AAW. You know, I’ll talk to Trik Davis, maybe try to reason with him, but he should be as part of my fold here in the FIP, but, you never know what might take place. He might decide to go it alone, there’s still more negotiations that need to take place between him and I, to see exactly what his goals are when he comes to Florida, during the month of May.

MSL: Now let me ask you this Dave, ‘cuz sometimes, I’ll go to like a Taco Bell, and it’s all old school, it’s got the shingles and stuff, I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this right now.

DP: Where are you going with this?

MSL: And sometimes, I’ll go to a Taco Bell, and it’s all fancy, like with a Long John Silver’s inside, or a Pizza Hut. So basically, not all Taco Bell franchises are the same.

DP: That’s right.

MSL: So what are the differences between the Florida DP Associates, and the Chicago DP Associates?

DP: Well, the Florida DP Associates has been much larger, it’s being going on for a longer period of time. I can name the members of DP Associates in Chicago on one hand. But here in FIP, it’s been a virtual ‘who’s who?’ of talent from Ring of Honor, from Japan, we had Osamu Nishimura here as part of DP Associates teaming with Shingo in the past, Austin Aries has been apart of DP Associates, Jack Evans, basically every wrestler that has been flown to the state of Florida to appear for FIP at one time or another, pretty much, has joined DP Associates. Because they know, I can take them to the top, and get them the most money while they’re here in Florida.

MSL: Basically if they wanted to figure out everybody that was in DP Associates, here in Florida, we’d probably have to go to Wikipedia to figure it out.

DP: You can’t believe anything that is on Wikipedia!

MSL: Could you even name everybody that’s been in DP Associates?

DP: Probably not. But if you look at the FIP results, and you made a list of every person who has wrestled in Full Impact Pro, at least a third of them have been a part of DP Associates at one time or another. Because they recognize managerial talent when they see it.

MSL: Well here’s what we’re gonna’ do then, if you’re listening, send us an e-mail at [email protected], the first person to send us the name of EVERY single person that’s been in DP Associates, here in FIP…

DP: Every single person, you can’t miss anyone!

MSL: You can’t miss anyone. And I don’t want any extra names, I don’t want it to be like, Kenta Kobashi, and Jake “The Snake”….

DP: Wow it would be awesome if Kobashi was in…

MSL: I don’t want like random names thrown in there, you’ve got to get it 100% correct.

DP: I need to convince him to come back to the states, man. Put Kobashi here in FIP.

MSL: Whoever gets it right we’ll send them a free FIP DVD.

DP: Wow, ok.

MSL: And then I’ll make sure to e-mail you so then you’ll know the full list.

DP: Very good.

MSL: [email protected], win a DVD, who’s been in DP Associates? ‘Cuz we don’t know!

DP: I mean, if I sat down I could figure it out.

MSL: And by the time they send in the e-mail, maybe it’ll change, maybe you’ll have added new people.

DP: Probably, I would say I will have probably added some new people. I’m always on the lookout for new talent to bring here to Florida. Or new talent that is coming in independently that I say ‘Well, they’re gonna’ be here, might as well take them under my wing!’. And put them out there maybe as a tag team partner of Delirious, maybe as a tag team partner of Shingo, you never know.

MSL: Now when you look at the FIP landscape, lets just say hypothetically, you could sign anybody you wanted on the FIP roster, you could pick one guy that you don’t have yet, who’s the crown jewel that maybe you haven’t gotten your hands on?

DP: You know, somebody that I admire quite a bit, and he’s been very successful here in Full Impact Pro thus far, but I don’t quite know if he needs managerial guidance or not…He’s “Sweet and Sour” Larry Sweeney, I see a lot of potential in that kid. He’s a stylish young man, he’s very well spoken, he gets the job done in that ring. He’s not too flashy in terms of his athletics, doesn’t do a lot of flips, doesn’t try to impress the fans, he’s a no-nonsense wrestler. He goes out there, backs up what he says, and defends that Texarcana Television Championship, each and every time he…decides to actually put it on the line.

MSL: Now we’ve had “Sweet and Sour” Larry Sweeney on the show in the past, and he kind of explained the long, illustrious history of the…


MSL: Oh he told us all about the merger and everything. I was very impressed.

DP: Yeah and FIP is not television so he’ll only defend it on special occasions if it’s not on television.

MSL: Now we saw Larry Sweeney, International Impact: Phase 1, took on Sean Waltman.

DP: Yes he did. The belt was NOT on the line in that match! It is not television, it has to be a special occasion if the belt is actually on the line, and it’s not TV. It’s a TV title, come on.

MSL: And Sean Waltman picked up the win, and I saw you. I saw you watching that match, maybe you didn’t want anybody to see you. But I saw you peeking behind that curtain.

DP: Oh I like to watch Larry Sweeney perform. He is a SUPERSTAR in this business.

MSL: If you had been at ringside, Larry Sweeney would have won. Let’s be honest.

DP: Um, perhaps. Like I said, Larry Sweeney is a guy who can get the job done on his own. He doesn’t necessarily need me or any manager to necessarily guide him. I could do a few things for Larry Sweeney, but I’m very happy with what he’s been able to accomplish on his own, thus far here in FIP.

MSL: Dave Prazak, always a very modest man. It was long overdue to have you on the show, I want to thank you very much for coming on FIP Radio. Probably one of the most important pieces in the history of Full Impact Pro. I said it, you don’t have to say it. We know it. Let’s be honest.

DP: Ha, I was thinking maybe Brian Danielson, he was a key piece of the FIP puzzle, CM Punk was a big piece of the FIP puzzle, Samoa Joe…OH YEAH! They’ve all been in DP Associates, that’s right!

MSL: The only piece to the puzzle of the puzzle you haven’t had is Jigsaw. Maybe we can change that!

DP: I don’t need that puzzle piece. Not at all. As far as I’m concerned he can leave FIP once and for all, and maybe it will take Delirious ripping off that mask, and not having him be able to have that puzzle gimmick to get over with those little kids. And he’ll be gone because they won’t want to cheer for that guy anymore.

MSL: Well fans you heard it, Jigsaw not welcome in DP Associates.


MSL: Dave, thanks again for coming on. We’re gonna’ take a quick break, and we’ll be right back, on FIP Radio!

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