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May 8, 2007

Charlotte, NC – The Professional Girl Wrestling Association (PGWA) will make its debut with Southern All-Star Wrestling (SAW) this Saturday, May 12 in Millersville, TN.  The PGWA will be providing two women’s matches on the SAW card.


In the first match, Susan Morton and Brittany Love will face one another in a ‘Revenge Match’.  Their running feud recently intensified with a brutal cage match that left Morton, in particular, injured and bloody, and Susan has sworn to pay Brittany back this Saturday.

The second PGWA match of the evening will have huge consequences for the organization.  Tasha Simone has declared herself the Number One Contender for Nikki Roxx‘s PGWA Championship; PGWA Commissioner Penny Banner has insisted that Simone must beat a challenger of the promotion’s choosing this Saturday in Millersville before she will be able to request a title match against Roxx.  A number of top-ranked women requested to be her opponent, but the PGWA has ultimately decided to use this opportunity to introduce a leading Mexican Luchadora to U.S. fans:  La Diosa (“The Goddess”) has won several lucha libre championships in her native Tijuana and elsewhere in Mexico.  She has contacted the PGWA and made it known that she is interested in working in the United States.  True fans of luchadora action will need no introduction to La Diosa and her winning ways, courtesy of a style that blends superb technical wrestling ability with a willingness to be as extreme as needed in order to win!  And of course, Tasha Simone is one of America’s finest practitioners of the wrestling/brawling synthesis.

In addition, although the PGWA has formally asked her to stay away, Maria Montana has promised/threatened to be present in Millersville in order to challenge Susan Morton…even if that means she has to buy a ticket and sit in the audience in order to get her chance to see Susan face-to-face.

The PGWA makes its debut with SAW this Saturday with action that the fans will be talking about for a long time to come!  Tennessee fans, don’t you dare miss it!

The SAW Arena is located at 1214 Louisville Hwy. in Millersville, just North of Nashville.  Exit 98 off of I-65 at Millersville/Springfield exit; take Millersville Way/Louisville Hwy. approximately 1 1/2 miles to the arena.