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Here is a full recap of the July 22, 2015 edition of Ring of Honor which took place in New York, NY.

The first ROH Flashback match is the ROH Tag Team Championship match with reDRagon and The Addiction where the Addiction caputred the tag team championship and it was revealed that Chris Sabin was the third member of the KRD alongside Daniels and Kazarian.

The second ROH Flashback match is the Steel Cage Warfare match from the July 27, 2013 edition of ROH TV where it was Team Scum: Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton, Jimmy Jacobs and Rhino took on Team ROH: Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmer and Jay Lethal. Team ROH won and this was one of Kevin Steen’s highlight moments as he was the one who founded the Scum faction, but ended being the guy who lead to the faction disbanding.

The third ROH Flashback match is from the Mount Prospect Match from the March 7, 2015 episode of ROH TV where Donovan Dijak defeats Will Ferrara.

The fourth ROH Flashback match is from the Tag Wars December 27, 2014 where reDragon retained their ROH World Tag Team Championship against ACH & Matt Sydal, The Briscoes and The Addiction in four way elimination tag team match.

The fifth ROH Flashback match is from the November 22, 2014 episode of ROH TV where New Japan Pro Wrestling star AJ Styles takes on WarMachine’s Hanson.

The final ROH Flashback match of the show was the Michael Bennett/Lance Storm match from the August 4, 2012 episode of ROH TV. Bennett won the match after Maria Kanellis distracts Lance Storm.

Death Before Dishonor Match Card: 

– Will Ferrara vs. Silas Young

Moose w/Stokely Hathaway vs. Cedric Alexander w/Veda Scott

-The Briscoes vs. RPG Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent Barreta)

– No DQ Match: ACH vs. Adam Page

– The Addiction (c) vs. WarMachine vs. reDRagon vs. The Kingdom in a Four Cornerns Survival Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship

– Jay Lethal (c) vs. Roderick Strong in a ROH World Championship Match

First Match: Jay Lethal, Truth Martin and House of Truth vs. Roderick Strong, The Briscoes and ODB 

Truth with a Spinaroonie. Lethal tags himself in before locking up and Strong tags in. Lethal goes to the floor and he tags in Dijak. Strong thinks about some strategy before locking up. Dijak sends Strong into the corner. Strong chops Dijak but Dijak with kicks and he misses a boot in the corner and Strong tries for a Regalplex Back breaker. Strong with a leg lariat but Dijak stays on his feet. Jay tags in and he kicks and head butts Dijak. Jay with a forearm and he tags in Mark. Jay with a suplex and Mark with an elbow drop off the middle rope Dijak with a suplex throw to Mark and Lethal tags in and he kicks Mark in the corner. Lethal sends Mark into the turnbuckles and Diesel tags in and he kicks Mark and he tags in Dijak who connects with a forearm to the back and Dijak gets a near fall. Dijak with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Dijak stands on the hand and Lethal tags in and kicks Mark as he comes off the turnbuckles. Dijak tags back in and he connects with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Mark with a shoulder to the midsection and he tries to get to his corner or get Dijak to the mat. Dijak with a kick but Mark with chops. Dijak with a kick and Irish whip but Mark comes off the turnbuckles and hits a forearm.

Jay tags in and he connects with jabs and European uppercuts followed by a boot to the head and he hits a neck breaker. Jay gets a near fall. Jay sets for the Jay Driller but Dijak backs Jay into the corner and the House of Truth quadruple teams Jay. Lethal tags in and he says something to Strong before going after Jay. Lethal runs Jay into the turnbuckles after Jay gets in a few punches. Diesel tags in and he hits a suplex and gets a near fall. Diesel with a front face lock and forearms. Diesel with a fallaway slam. Lethal tells Truth to tag in and Diesel slams Jay and Truth gets punched in the midsection and Truth tags in Lethal. Lethal with punches to Jay’s head. Lethal with a cobra clutch on Jay. Lethal with a short arm clothesline and he gets a near fall. Diesel tags in. Jay with elbows to Diesel but Diesel with a forearm. Jay with a Death Valley Driver and both men are down and Jay cannot capitalize. Strong and Lethal tag in and Strong with a flying clothesline and chops.

Strong with a hurdle leap frog followed by a drop kick. Strong with a running knee into the corner followed by a running forearm and Death By Roderick followed by a Sick Kick for a near fall when everyone comes in to break up the cover. Jay takes care of Dijak while Mark deals with Diesel and hits a suplex on the floor. Strong goes for the Strong Breaker but Lethal escapes and Lethal with a super kick. ODB tags herself in and so does Martini. Truth pulls ODB off Lethal’s back. Dijak comes into the ring while Diesel sends Mark into the guardrails. ODB is surrounded by the House of Truth and they high five each other. ODB takes a drink and she goes after everyone with forearms and she goes for a second rotation. Lethal and Diesel kick ODB but Strong and the Briscoes take care of Lethal, Diesel, and Dijak. Jay with a boot to Dijak while Mark hits a flip dive onto Diesel and . Lethal with a suicide dive onto Jay while Strong with a drop kick to Lethal. Truth with a rollup for a near fall. ODB gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner: Roderick Strong, ODB and The Briscoes

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