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Courtesy of http://www.wrestlinginc.com:

The show opened with clips of Samoa Joe, Adam Cole, C.M. Punk, Bryan Danielson, The Briscoes, Kevin Steen, and then Jay Lethal. A graphic read “Creating Excellence”… A video package featured still shots of Jay Lethal defeating Jay Briscoe to win the ROH Title at the Best in the World pay-per-view… The opening montage aired…

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcomed viewers to the show from ringside and wished viewers a happy 4th of July in the United States. They hyped the six-man tag main event…

1. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs. Watanabe. Castle did his flamboyant handshake prior to the match. The wrestlers traded offense heading into the break a couple minutes into the match. [C] A commercial aired for the NJPW talent coming to Brooklyn and Philadelphia in August.

Coming out of the break, the wrestlers jockeyed for position in a rolling small package. They both stood up and acted dizzy from all the rolling around they did. They followed with a double clothesline. Watanabe grabbed control and targeted the back of Castle. However, Castle came back with a spinning facebuster type of move and got the win.

Dalton Castle defeated Watanabe.

Watanabe left the ring after a handshake. Castle took the mic and noted that there were “a lot of boys out there tonight.” His boys positioned themselves on the mat to make a two-man chair, and he laid down on them. Castle said he’s the only real man in ROH, which led to Silas Young walking onto the stage and barking at him about being the real man…

[Q2] [C] Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness stood in the ring and introduced Jay Lethal as the ROH TV Champion and new ROH Champion. Lethal headed to the ring carrying both title belts and was accompanied by Truth Martini, Donovan Dijak, and J Diesel. Nigel shook Lethal’s hand and congratulated him on backing up his claim that he would become the ROH Champion.

The fans chanted “you deserve it.” Truth stepped forward and said while the fans were right that Lethal deserves it, they are not his people. Truth said “we” (the wrestlers in the ring) are Lethal’s people. Lethal said he is the best in the world, just as he has said from the beginning.

Lethal said he is the undisputed champion of the greatest wrestling company in the world. Lethal added that ROH is the greatest wrestling company of the world because he’s the undisputed champion. Corino said Lethal made a good point. Lethal said that’s all he had to say because he doesn’t need to prove anything.

Nigel stopped him and asked which of the two belts Lethal plans to vacate. Lethal said he’s not giving up a damn thing. “I earned both of these,” Lethal said. He said Nigel knew that one man would come out of Best in the World with both title belts.

Nigel said he has two separate belts, meaning Lethal may have to defend both belts in two different matches. Nigel said Lethal would defend the ROH Title against Roderick Strong at the Death Before Dishonor iPPV, and he will defend his ROH TV Title next week against Mark Briscoe. Lethal said he will defend both titles in one night if he needs to. Lethal said he’s going to destroy Briscoe next week.

Roderick Strong’s entrance music interrupted Lethal’s rant. Strong made his entrance and entered the ring. Kelly said Strong didn’t care that he was entering the ring “in enemy territory.” Strong told Lethal to face him and asked, “you’re a man, right?” Strong said Lethal will walk into the iPPV as the champion, and then Strong will walk out as the new ROH Champion… Kelly hyped the six-man tag main event… [C]

[Q3] Mandy Leon hosted the Inside ROH segment and focussed on Jay Lethal’s win at Best in the World. Highlights of his match with Jay Briscoe were shown. Leon set up a Roderick Strong promo. He spoke about getting the title shot he earned. Leon said next week’s Inside ROH will focus on Cedric Alexander

Adam Page cut a studio in front of the ROH banner hyping his match against Matt Sydal for next week’s television show… [C]

Adam Cole, Matt Taven, Michael Bennett, and Maria made their entrance. Maria took the mic and said Cole is upset about losing at Best in the World, but it’s not his fault. She pointed out that Taven and Bennett won tag gold in Japan. She said she is the leader of The Kingdom and takes full responsibility. She said they would prove that this kingdom will never fall. They had a group hug. The babyface trio made their entrances for the main event… [C]

2. Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole, Matt Taven, and Michael Bennett (w/Maria). Elgin performed an early suplex on Bennett after holding him up for an extended period of time. Corino said it looked like Elgin was having fun in the ring again after losing his smile.

[Q4] The heel trio isolated Elgin, who was fighting them off with elbows heading into the break. [C] Fish and O’Reilly worked over Taven, then targeted Cole with double team moves. Fish and O’Reilly did some gyrating, then went back to work on Taven and got a near fall.

Later, Elgin fought off Taven and Bennett and hoisted them both up on his shoulders. Cole tried to stop him, but he flung the legs of his opponents at Cole and then performed a double Samoan drop. The fans chanted “this is awesome” only because “this is pretty good” doesn’t have the same zest to it.

The heel trio got a near fall on Elgin after a nice series of rapid fire offense. Fish and O’Reilly dumped Cole and Bennett to the floor and then dove on them. In the ring, Elgin picked up Taven in powerbomb position and dumped him onto his opponents on the floor. The babyface trio performed a powerbomb off the middle rope for a two count.

Cole performed the Canadian Destroyer on Elgin, then Taven and Bennett performed a double team move for another two count. Elgin made a hot tag to O’Reilly, who squared off with Cole. They traded offense and then O’Reilly turned him inside out with a clothesline. O’Reilly and Fish performed Chasing The Dragon on Cole, which led to O’Reilly pinning Cole. After the match, Cole shook O’Reilly’s hand and then raised his arm before leaving the ring without his teammates…

Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Michael Elgin defeated Adam Cole, Matt Taven, and Michael Bennett.