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Dory Funk Jr.Funk’s Corner – Credibility and Teamwork in Wrestling

In the “Old School” Days of the regional wrestling territories, the promoters of the National Wrestling Alliance worked together.

Eddie Graham, the Owner of the Florida Territory had one of the most brilliant minds in the wrestling business. Eddie built his business on a foundation of credibility in wrestling and giving the fans more than their money’s worth in entertainment.

Eddie also believed in the strength of the NWA and worked hard to promote the credibility of the NWA and it’s World Champion.

I was in Tampa, Florida for an appearance as NWA World Champion on Championship Wrestling from Florida’s television show when Eddie got a call from fellow NWA promoter, Jim Crockett Sr. of the Mid Atlantic Territory. Jack Brisco and I were scheduled to wrestle in Greensboro Coliseum in a couple of weeks for the NWA World Championship and Jim Crockett needed an interview with Jack Brisco and myself for his TV show, Mid Atlantic Wrestling.

Who would be better to anchor the interview than the “Dean of Professional Wrestling,” Gordon Sole with comments by Eddie Graham, Jack Brisco and Myself.

The complete interview for Brisco vs Funk for the NWA World Championship is now on our website at www.dory-funk.com.

Dory Funk Jr. – Coach of the Funking Conservatory