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Shane ChungFunk’s Corner – Shane Chung Tells it Like it Is

December 31st at the Funking Conservatory, New Year’s Eve, !BANG! TV will be video taped live starting at 7pm. Support the Troops 22, XXStravaganza will feature a Funking Conservatory World Championship match as Shane Chung will defend against the challenge of Will Power.

The first of a series of interviews leading up to our !BANG! TV Taping is now up on our website. Click on “Card Complete with Promos.”

Shane Chung talks about his upcoming match with Will Power. Shane tells is like it is much in the style of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shane says he will have no excuses and will do what it takes to keep his Funking Conservatory World Championship Belt. Shane will give 100%, He is arrogant, a bad ass, egotistical and can “Kick Ass.” Shane says he will do what it takes to remain champion.

The complete card, ticket information, location and Funking Conservatory training information is all on our website at www.dory-funk.com.

Dory Funk Jr. – Coach of the Funking Conservatory