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The complete show, Support the Troops 17 is now up at www.dory-funk.com. The program opens with a highlight video of Dory Funk Jr. vs Jack Brisco wrestling for the NWA World Championship coming from Japan in 1975.

In a three way battle for the Women’s Championship, The Champion, The Claw, “Claudia Reiff faces the Pop Tarts, Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki.

There is a Forth of July Special Fighting Heart Award Presentation by Johnny Magnum, Dory Funk Jr. and Jack Brisco in honor of Viet Nam Veteran Phillip Evans who has received two Purple Heart Awards.

Shane Chung defends the Florida Heavyweight Championship In a two part Fatal Four Way confrontation. The winner is decided in a video tape replay of a spectacular finish to the match.

In the Main Event, Johnny Magnum and Jerry Lynn defend the Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship against Elvis Sharp and Flyin’ Ryan “Air” Mitchell with Sandii Skye in a match held under TNA rules in a wrestling match that is only the beginning of the battle as a “Pier Six Brawl” breaks out at the end of !BANG! TV.

The next !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 17, Fight for Freedom comes to the Funking Conservatory Sunday July 29th. For ticket information and training schedules at the Funking Conservatory Call 352-895-4658 or visit our website at www.dory-funk.com.