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Funking Conservatory Press Release – “Female Violence” on !BANG! TV

Now on !BANG! TV 24/7 at www.dory-funk.com.
Women’s Championship Match 4 way battle, “The Claw,” Claudia Reiff vs Gail Kim vs The “Pop Tarts,” Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki.


Just prior to the match, birthday flowers are presented to Duchess Louise Henley (21) and Special guest Margarette Chappell (84).

The Claw is seconded by Duchess Louise Henley, The Pop Tarts are seconded by Father James Mitchell, Scott D’Amore and Blain Rage as Gail Kim battles for her life. In the audience, Johnny Magnum, Flyin’ Ryan “Air” Mitchell with Sandii Skye, Kory Chavis, Lance Alonte, Johnny Romano, Chris “The Giant” Carnage and Dory Funk Jr.

Official for this epic encounter from Memphis, Texas near Amarillo, just east of Hedley is Elvis Sharp.

In a wild and incredible finish to this women’s championship match everyone is involved. The the 84 year old Mrs. Chappell loses her birthday flowers to the benefit of the Pop Tarts,  The Duchess Louise Henley gets chipped by Miss Vicki and loses her Birthday Flowers. Scott D’Amore and Father James Mitchell succumb to the deadly forearm blow delivered solidly by Dory Funk Jr.

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