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 Funking Conservatory Results From Support the Troops 16, Ultimate Struggle

Two Against One Handicap Match:

Blain Rage defeated Lance Alonte and Johnny Romano at the same time when Blain Rage pinned Romano with a sugar hold while at the same time forcing Lance Alonte to tap out to a naked reverse leg lock.

Three Way Battle – International Championship:

Flyin’ Ryan “Air” Mitchell with Sandii Skye won over Kory Chavis with Father James Mitchell and Elvis Sharp with the Pop Tarts when Kory Chavis missed a moonsualt and Flyin’ Ryan hit him with a supper kick to the chin and covered for a three count.

Special Introduction: 

WWE Executive Pat Patterson by Dory Funk Jr. who calls Pat Patterson one of the best wrestlers ever who started his career in San Francisco wrestling as the Tag Team of Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens. Pat Patterson was the Champion in the Amarillo Territory before going to work first as a wrestler and now an executive for World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Tag Team Match:

Johnny Magnum and Chris “The Giant” Carnage won over Blain Rage and Scott D’Amore when Chris “The Giant” Carnage super pressed Blain Rage over his head and dropped him into a Cargo Drop by Johnny Magnum.

Funking Conservatory Fighting Heart Award; Presented by Dory Funk Jr. to Chap Chappell of “Chappell Entertainment” in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Chappell’s mother, Margarite and Funking Conservatory wrestler, Duchess Louise Henley were presented flowers in recognition of their birthdays. Special Guest Iake Issenmann, star of the movie “Return to Witch Mountain” and owner of Mighty Mojo Studios was also introduced by Dory Funk Jr.

Florida Championship Match:

Shane Chung won the Florida Championship from Johnny Magnum with corner person Chris “The Giant” Carnage when Shane Chung threw a chair at Johnny Magnum however Magnum ducked the chair and it hit “Giant” Carnage, knocking him to his knees. Shane Chung’s Corner Person, Gail Kim threw a flying drop kick from the top rope to the chin of Johnny Magnum, then Shane Chung followed with a body press wining the Florida Championship.

Women’s Four Way Championship Match:

Gail Kim launched the “Pop Tarts”, Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki, to the floor then pounded on The “Claw” Claudia Reiff. Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki grabbed the flowers from Margarite Chappell and Duchess Louise Henley then returned to the ring apron and blasted Gail Kim in the face with the flowers. The “Claw” was behind Gail Kim and followed with a rolling cradle for the three count to remain Women’s Champion.

Following the Women’s Championship Match Gail Kim and the Pop Tarts kicked and spit on The “Claw” along with the Pop Tart’s corner person Father James Mitchell and Blain Rage. This encounter emptied the dressing rooms and a battle royal ensued resulting in Dory Funk Jr. Blasting Father James Mitchell and Scott D’Amore with his patented forearm uppercut.

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