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Section 1: General Rules – A wrestling match shall consist of a physical confrontation between two individual athletes or two teams of athletes who have demonstrated a proficiency in the skills contiguous to the sport and who are in sound physical condition. Wrestlers shall be of good moral character and shall not be fugitives from justice.

Section 1 (b): The object of a wrestling match shall be to gain a victory over one’s opponent through the use of a legal hold or series of legal holds and maneuvers. either by scoring a pin fall or by forcing an opponent to concede defeat. To be pinned: both of a contestant’s shoulders must be held to the mat for three consecutive seconds, as witnessed and counted off by the referee in charge of the event.

Section 3 (f) Biting any part of an opponent’s anatomy is strictly prohibited.
Section 3 (h) Choke holds are prohibited as is any use of the ring ropes for the purpose of impairing an opponent’s breathing.
Section 3 (i) Any wrestler who deliberately strikes his opponent in the privates is subject to immediate disqualification.
Section 6 (a) Women wrestlers shall in no case be paid either more or less than male athletes involved in matches which could reasonably be construed as being of similar value to the promoter.

Would you believe there is a rule book for professional wrestling written by Florida Wrestling Promoter, Eddie Graham during the glory days of the NWA?
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