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Funk’s Corner – Traveling to Japan for Competition

News from the Land of the Rising Sun
Credit Masanori Horie
Osamu Nishimura, of Keiji Muto’s All Japan Pro-Wrestling, told news paper reporters that All Japan is planning to bring Dory Funk to Japan for the Dory Funk’s Memorial Match in All Japan in 2008, the line up is featuring Dory & Nishimura VS Keiji Muto & Kensuke Sasaki.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling used Dory’s comments on wrestlers traveling to Japan to hype the Tokyo Dome show on 1/4.
Sunday November 11, “The War Machine” Rhino, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (Two wrestlers I have coached in their earlier careers) Senshi and Ron “The Truth” Killings will travel to Japan to take part in an intra-promotional war between the athletes of TNA and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Rhino will face New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Yano.

Ron “The Truth” Killings will face Tiger Mask

Senshi and Christopher Daniels will face Minoru and Davitt.

My advice after making more than 70 trips to Japan as a professional wrestler and competing against Inoki, Sakaguchi, Tendru and Legends Jumbo Tsuruta and Giant Babe, my advice to the TNA Warriors is be prepared for the battle of your life.

Just the trip to Japan and the change in your biological clock from day time being night time and night time being day time can be hard to overcome.

There is another factor TNA Superstars will run into when going to Japan to perform. The Japanese People love to entertain. Even upon arrival usually in the evening when you have already been up for more than 24 hours you will be tempted with the bright lights and night life of Japan. All the while your opponents, Yano, Tiger Mask, Minoru and Davitt will be well rested trained and focused on their opportunity to prove their mettle in the ring against TNA’s Superstars.

Even President George Bush Sr. experienced difficulty becoming ill after arriving in Japan for an important meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan.

My advice to my former students, Rhino and Christopher Daniels and to Senshi and Ron Killings is to keep your focus, drink plenty of water on the way over, get plenty of sleep and hold the party until after your performance then celebrate victory for TNA.

Dory Funk Jr. – www.dory-funk.com
Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School