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Courtesy: www.MondayNightMayhem.com

Dragon Gate USA’s Gabe Sapolsky Discusses Daniel Bryan Capturing The WWE United States Championship, Having Bryan Compete For DGUSA This Weekend In Chicago & Milwaukee At “Untouchable 2010” & “Way of The Ronin,” The Promotions’s iPPV Debut (“Bushido: Code of the Warrior”), The Talent In The Company That Has The Potential To Lead The New Generation, Who He Sees As Taking The “Bryan Danielson Spot” On The Independent Scene, Why We Will See CM Punk/Daniel Bryan In The Same Position As Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero (In A WrestleMania Main Event Level Match), Plus His Thoughts On Those That Criticized The Former Crop Of ROH Wrestlers (CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, & Samoa Joe) Years Ago (And How They Fulfilled The Prophecy Of Becoming The Next Group Of Stars In The Wrestling Industry)
Dragon Gate USA Vice President & booker, Gabe Sapolsky, was a featured guest on this week’s live edition (09/20/10) of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem (presented by Good Health Natural Foods). You can feel the “MNM Fall Tour ’10” every Monday night (at 7PM ET/6PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com).

Gabe joined The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent in his return to “Your Home of Wrestling Radio” (to preview this weekend’s Dragon Gate USA “Untouchable 2010” Pay-Per-View taping in Chicago, along with the promotion’s “Way of the Ronin” DGUSA debut in Milwaukee), which is now available in Windows Streaming Media or via Monday Night Mayhem’s official Podcast on iTunes:

Gabe Sapolsky/Monday Night Mayhem Interview/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Streaming Audio): www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/092010.wax

Gabe Sapolsky/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast on iTunes): www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/sept10/092010.mp3

Interview highlights courtesy of The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson from New Jersey:

His feelings about Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) capturing the WWE United States Championship, having Bryan compete in his last weekend of independent bookings in Dragon Gate USA, & how he compares Danielson headlining the “Untouchable 2010” & “Way of the Ronin” events to Eddie Guerrero coming to Ring of Honor with the WWE Intercontinental Championship: “It’s really cool, you go back to Bryan & I starting in ROH in 2002. He was always a crutch, a guy I depended on, always an MVP, and now he’s coming in for his final shows as a champion from WWE. It’s just an amazing thing. It kinda reminds me of when Eddie Guerrero came to the third Ring of Honor show, and he was the Intercontinental Champion at the that point, and he brought the belt. We’re about a year into Dragon Gate USA (about ten to twelve shows), and we are in the infancy of this promotion, and we had Eddie Guerrero with the IC Belt, and now we are going to have Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) with the U.S. Title. It’s almost like a full circle sort of thing. It’s a great opportunity and something we are really excited about.”

Why he thinks we will see CM Punk & Daniel Bryan in the same position as Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero (in headlining a WrestleMania together) in the WWE’s future: “I think it’s limitless how far he can go in the WWE. In 1994 or 1995, if anyone told you that Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero would be standing in the ring hugging with both title belts at WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden, you’re crazy, and I think you’re going to see Bryan Danielson & CM Punk in that same position one day. The guy’s a franchise player. He knows what it takes to be an MVP. He knows what it takes to carry a team and knows what it means to be champion, and he’s that kind of person. It’s limitless.

His thoughts about those who always criticized the former crop of ROH headliners from several years ago, how CM Punk/Bryan Danielson/Kaval/AJ Styles/Samoa Joe fulfilled the prophecy of becoming the next group of stars in the wrestling industry, & who he feels from Dragon Gate USA could fall into that same category: “I also wanna know where everyone is that in 2002, 2003, 2004, all they did was find every fault they could with CM Punk, Low Ki (who is now Kaval in the WWE), Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and the list can go on. Now you’re seeing all these guys on national television. They are all making an impact some way or another. Maybe Punk is not being as much as he was, but he’ll be pushed again. Samoa Joe: I feel could be a bigger star than he is right now, but he still made his impact in TNA. The fact of the matter is right now that next generation, who back in 2002-2005 I said would be the next Chris Benoits, Eddie Guerreros, & Dean Malenkos, well now the new class is coming up, and these guys are going to be the next CM Punks, Bryan Danielsons, & Low Kis. I’m talking about guys like Ricochet, Johnny Gargano, guys like Jon Moxley, who is absolutely connecting with the fans now. This new generation is great, and now we’re coming full circle with Bryan Danielson now.”

What will a new fan or follower of Dragon Gate USA be able to take from the final DGUSA events in 2010, as the promotion heads to Chicago, Milwaukee, Fall River, & Rahway: “We only have four shows left this year, so we will be able to blow the roof off these places. The fact is that we are so focused on these shows, and the fact is that we are able to pull out all the stops on these shows and make them all major events, and they all bring something different to the table. I think it’s going to be very exciting for the fans who either are collecting the DVD’s, watching the Pay-Per-Views, or who has the chance to attend live.”

More is contained in the return of Gabe Sapolsky to The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, including his candid thoughts & comments on Dragon Gate’s first-ever Internet Pay-Per-View on October 29th in Fall River, MA (“Bushido: Code of the Warrior”), who he believes can take the ball and run with “the Bryan Danielson spot” on the independent scene, plus what Japanese wrestlers do differently than their American counterparts in the industry today. Order DGUSA’s iPPV debut right now by logging on to www.GoFightLive.tv, and be sure to head on over to www.DGUSA.tv for ticket information on this weekend’s live events (featuring the new WWE United States Champion, Daniel Bryan).