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The Katz Files
Genesis Preview & Predictions
The Kingfish Arnie Katz gets you ready for Genesis, the first pay per view of the Hogan-Bischoff regime.

The names of wrestling pay per views often have, at most, a tangential connection to what is going to take place. This time, though, the name fits the theme for the event like a glove. This is the true beginning of the “new” TNA, the first time Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have put together a PPV for the promotion.

TNA has high hopes for what is a hastily assembled show, Nonetheless, there are some exciting match-ups and it should be a strong card on the screen, even if it seems somewhat haphazard on paper.

And now, let’s look at the matches.

The Back Story:

My Prediction:

Predicted Grade:

My Genesis Predictions

Desmond Wolfe vs. D’Angelo Dinero
The Back Story:Here are two relatively young wrestlers, both seemingly on the way up. Yet their attitudes have caused this much-anticipated clash. Although Dinero came across as pretty unpleasant and arrogant when he first entered the promotion, he has since reformed and is now a fan favorite. The fans want the Pope to stop the relentless Wolfe, but no one is sure whether or not he can do it.

My Prediction: My fellow OWW columnist Jay Shannon, in his preview of this card, asked the very pertinent question: is this match necessary? It does seem a waste to put these guys in the ring against each other when each has to have momentum as they head into programs with other people. That’s why I think this one may not go to a clean finish. Both men will look fantastic and one or both of their forthcoming foes will do run-ins. It may well be a “No Contest,” unless they decide to give Desmond Wolfe a status-confirming victory.
Predicted Grade: A-

Sean Morley vs. Daniels
The Back Story: Sean Money, a newcomer to TNA, says he has raised his cinematic sights from his Val Venis days, but The Fallen Angel thinks Morley is just a big sleazeball windbag.

My Prediction: When these two faced off in a spirited discussion of modern cinema on o<{ACT, I was not sure who was supposed to be the face. I guess it was Morley, since Daniels hit him, but I sympathized with The Fallen Angel’s point of view/ The outcome of this match will tell fans a lot about the “new” TNA. If an outstanding talent like Daniels jobs to Morley, as is likely, it means that the guys whom Bischoff and Hogan brought in are going to beat the performers who are already in the promotion. Daniels’ upside certainly looks higher than Morley’s, but it may not keep him from being on the wrong end of Sean Morley’s finisher.
Predicted Grade: C+

Amazing Red vs. TBA
X-Division Championship Match
The Back Story: Red has been training hard and watching the films. He’s ready and this time, it’s personal. No, wait… this time the X Division champion is fighting a mystery opponent.

My Prediction: The only acceptable reason for withholding the name of Red’s challenger is that he is the big-name star Hogan promised fans on iMPACT. Whomever it is will win the match and the title and I think that wrestler will be… Rob Van Dam. If X-Pac comes out to fight (and beat) Red, I predict a lot of “X-Pac sucks!” chants.
Predicted Grade: A

Bobby Lashley vs. Abyss
The Back Story: Crystal Lashley says that her husband is going to destroy one TNA wrestler at a time until Hulk Hogan meets with her to negotiate the Boss’ release. The new management team obviously hopes that Abyss will be able to stop his rampage.

My Prediction: A Lashley win after a hard-fought match makes the most sense. Abyss can absorb that kind of loss, especially if Dr. Stevie and/or Daffney provide a little distraction, and it will propel Lashley into a feud with someone like Kurt Angel or AJ Styles.
Predicted Grade: C

Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. British Invasion
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Back Story: When TNA put Morgan and Hernandez together, they turned out to be thunder and lightning in the ring. The British Invasion uses technical skill, manipulation and dirty tactics to stay one move ahead of opponents, but the Young Bulls won’t be easy to stop.

My Prediction: The babyfaces have huge potential in the singles division, but a tag team championship run will be good for both of them. It’ll be a popular victory, that’s for sure. This match may also see Rob Terry break away from the other two.
Predicted Grade: B+

ODB vs. Tara
Knockout Match
Two-out-of-Three Falls
The Back Story: Tara has become ODB’s fiercest challenger and this match should provide a decisive end to their feud.

My Prediction: The Knocked Up Champion will keep the gold, but the match will go three falls. ODB will take the last one, probably by jumping Tara immediately after the end of fall number two. This won’t end the feud; Tara will get a rematch, possibly in a cage.
Predicted Grade: B

The Band vs. Beer Money
The Back Story: Hall and Nash attacked Storm and Roode, who desperately want revenge.

My Prediction: Nash and Hall will win due to outside interference by X-Pac. This will set up a much bigger match at the next pay per view as Beer Money thirsts for revenge.
Predicted Grade: B

Kurt Angle v A.J. Styles
TNA World Championship
Angle’s last shot in 2010
The Back Story: The two men fought so gloriously on iMPACT that the wrestling world must wonder what these two brilliant performers will do to top it.

My Prediction: It’s time for Kurt to take the title. Styles will look great, but the former Olympic champion will prevail.
Predicted Grade: A

Final Predicted Grade for Genesis: B+

That’s all for this installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising pro wrestling column. I’ll be back on Monday with my recap and analysis. I hope you’ll join me then and, please, bring your friends.

\– Arnie Katz
[email protected]