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Lucha Mask

“The Lucha Report” 10-16-2014
by Kris Zellne, Gerwick.net writer


Fuego en el Ring talked to Ultimo Guerrero before the Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara show on Tuesday and specifically asked him about the rumored match between him & Dr. Wagner Jr. on 10/25 in Merida for the IWL Heavyweight Title which would be their first singles match since 2008 but he said such a match won’t happen and maybe never again. UG said that he isn’t working the show and wants it out ahead of time so that the fans will not be thinking he will be there. UG was then asked about a possible return of Wagner to EMLL and he said that he seriously doubts it would happen because there is no need for guys like him now because they have their own new stars. UG was also asked about working without his mask and he said that there isn’t much of a difference to him because everything about the matches are the same just that his face isn’t covered. UG was then asked about what challenges are ahead in his future and he said that he can’t wait until his next apuesta match whether it’s his hair vs. a mask or hair vs. hair because he wants to make someone feel what he felt when he lost his mask to Atlantis.

New Japan announced Tuesday night that Fuego & Mascara Dorada would be heading back to work for them during their Best of the Super Juniors Tag Tournament which starts on 10/25 and goes through 11/8.

Remo Banda aka Volador aka Super Parka posted on Facebook on Tuesday night that his son Volador Jr. and his wife Bruni (former EMLL edecan) had their first child earlier that day and it was a son named Zaid. Just think in 2034 he will be main eventing Arena Mexico teaming with his father.

Cassandro who has toured Europe in the past with Hijo del Santo’s troupe will be leading a troupe of his own to Belgium on Halloween night as he, Niebla Roja, Puma King, & Diva Salvaje will be showcasing their talents to the country as part of an entertainment festival. The poster for the show specifically mentioned his feature in the New Yorker so that has definitely helped his standing.


IWRG 10/15 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Emperador Azteca & Metaleon beat Anubis Black & Atomic Star
2. Los Ninja Turtles (Leo/Mike/Rafy/Teelo) defeated Los Gringos VIP (Avisman/Apolo Estrada/Hijo del Diablo/Hip Hop Man)
3. Super Nova/Jennifer Blake/La Jarochita beat Eterno/Sexy Lady/Taya Valkyrie
4. Monster Clown & Murder Clown defeated Pirata Morgan & Hijo del Pirata Morgan by when Hijo del Pirata fouled Monster.
5. Averno/Chessman/Hijo del Texano beat Hijo del Dos Caras/Myzteziz/Psycho Clown by DQ when after Chessman hit the referees with a steel chair, Psycho stole the chair and used it on the rudos but was caught by the referees who thought he hit them.

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