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Editor’s note:  This was a column submitted by Exotic Pursuit, an OWW Forum member, in response to an old article about Goldberg.  I thought it was well-written.  Here is the original article written by former OWW editor-in-chief Brad Dykens.

Any wrestler can get a push, but that’s only half the equation to being a success. Goldberg captivated crowds with his genuine intensity that was unmatched – he hyped you up. Coupled with his power and the push, he was able to built himself as a dominant force. If military pressing Lesnar and Batista-(while selling an ankle injury), suplexing 300lb+ men isn’t impressive, you’re just a true hater or a super bodybuilder.
“NFL reject…”
The fact he even made it to the NFL is an accompaniment itself. A sidelining injury made him change careers.
He was green and “unsafe” because he was rushed, if he had a year or 2’s worth more of training, guarantee he’d have been more fluid. Injuries in wrestling happen, that’s the risk wrestlers take. He also mentioned he was stiff to provide as much realism as possible and in return allowed his opponents to do the same. I bet you didn’t even know Goldberg wrestled in Japan to duke it out with the stiffest pros in the industry.
“Used the money to donate charities in his name…”
How much money have you donated to charity in the last couple years?
The fact he waited out his contract instead of coming over to WWE was a personal reason of his. The transition would have reduced his contractual pay drastically, on top of that he wasn’t a big fan of Vince McMahon – simply put, it was a smart business move. Nobody ever talks about the fact that he came to WWE for a year – working for somebody he couldn’t stand – and endured it for the fans. Regarding him “lining his pockets” – these guys risk there well being and health to put on a show for the fans. The business is filled with injuries, deception, politics etc., wouldn’t you want to be paid handsomely for getting beat up for a living?
I do agree the special treatment in WCW got to him and spoiled him to an extent. Nonetheless the guy is a legend in my book and won’t be forgotten.
— Exotic Pursuit