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Tired of throwing your money away at wrestling seminars just to be told, “You should try-out with one of the Big companies, I think you got what it takes!” Well let’s just see who has the guts to take that step up to the plate! Calling all female & male wrestlers, Managers, valets, refs and wanna-be promoters. January 5, 2013 Ring Wars Carolina facility located in Gold’s Gym in Hope Mills NC, brings the man himself, TNA’s Al Snow.

Al Snow will be conducting The Wrestling Seminar of seminars. He will be separating the WRESTLERS from the MARKS. You need to sign-up really fast cause there will be limited spots to assure everyone a fair evaluation from TNA’s Go to guy. If you don’t know what that is, please disregard this event! If you do then read on! For 4 hours you will learn from the man who has the ability to spot talent! Please don’t hesitate cause the spot you see today maybe your spot on TV tomorrow! Email your inquires to [email protected] today!

This is the only email addy taking reservations. How much you say? $50 dollars secures you a spot in a big future. Great Christmas or birthday present for your favorite wrestler or yourself!