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Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment (GOUGE) presents Fallout September 27, 2007 Raleigh, NC- Volume Eleven tavern

Show opened with Jaheem the Dream bringing out surfer Jay Oddessey, Count Grog & Wallabee Joe came out and Grog gave Jay his ref shirt and told him thats all he would be doing from now on after he got a concussion last month trying to wrestle.  Count Grog announced that Koala Bear O’Day was still injured and he brought out Wallabee’s new tag partner Stone Cold Steve Lawson (Tank Lawson)

Trailer Park Heat & Sweet Ebony Assassin (GOUGE Tag Champs) beat Wallabee Joe & Steve Lawson (w/ Count Grog)  when Trailer Park pinned Wallabee Joe with a stunner

Tennessee Ernie Nord w/Felicia O beat The Kind Man (Dick Foley) with the Grief Hammer.  Afterward Stone Cold Steve Lawson came out and stunned Ernie Nord and then The Kind Man and then drank beer in the ring.

Otto Schwanz pinned Ravishing Rico Rage with the Russian Sickle  (and Otto had the Benny Hill music played as he chased Rico out of the ring outside followed by Blackie Chan chasing them back into the dressing where Seymour Snott chased them out with silly string followed by Count Grog in his boxer shorts carrying Felicia O’s top and Felicia O in a towel.

Seymour Snott pinned Damien Wayne with a small package to win the Spaceman Frank Hickey Memorial Scientific Rasslin Trophy

Cowboy Willie Watts beat GOUGE champion Luther Thesz via DQ  (Thesz DQed for hitting Watts with the GOUGE belt)

Next show sat October 6 Allensville, NC- Allensville Fire Hall Next Raleigh show Wed Oct 24 at Volume 11