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Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment (GOUGE) Rebel Riot Sat October 6, 2007 Allensville, NC Tennessee Ernie Nord w/ Felicia O beat Fabulous Franki Fontaine w/ Grief Hammer Leroy Zbyszko w/ Cowboy Willie Watts pinned Sweet Ebony Assassin

Count Grog and Wallabee Joe came out and did a promo, Grog brought out Major DeBeers who is out of GOUGE after losing a loser with GOUGE match. Trailer Park Heat came out and claimed DeBeers is still here as El Gordo Diablo, he brought out commissioner David Blancahrd who asked for proof he wasn’t. Grog produced El Gordo Diable who appeared to be fabulous Frankie Fontaine in the El Gordo outfit. Grog then made remarks about Sideshow Phil who came out and brought his new partner Granite (7′ tall ) who choke slammed Wallabee Joe.

Seymour Snott school boyed Cowboy Willie Watts Trailer Park Heat pinned The Goat Sideshow Phil & Granite beat El Gordo Diablo & Wallabee Joe w/ Count Grog and Al Qeada in Hiding (Mohammed Jihad & Ali Jihad) in a 3 way match after Diablo pinned Granite with a chain tossed in by Grog but Commisssioner Blanchard came out an alerted the ref and restarted the match where Granite hit Diablo with the big boot and then Sideshow Phil hit a biulldog and pinned Diablo. Afterward Granite Chokeslammed both Al Qaeda members.

Next show Sat Nov 29 in Raleigh at Volume 11 Tavern