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Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment (GOUGE) presents 2 Hot 2 Handle

August 4, 2007  Stem, NC- Stem Fire Hall Show opened with commissioner David Blanchard stripping the title from King Chilly Willy who is out due to a knee injury for about 1 year.

King Chilly then held an interview segment called the Kings court.  He first brought out Urban Legend Exotic Aloyisus Street who said he was not there in June and missed what happned with his group and why they turned on Luther Thesz, he called out Luther and offered to reconcile, then brought out Cowboy Willie Watts and Leroye Zbyszko.  They shook Luther’s hand but then attacked him and Sweet Ebony Assassin & Trailer Park Hat made  save.

Otto Schwanz & Tennessee Ernie Nord beat Fabulous Frankie Fontaine & Mikal Mosely (w/ Ebony Michelle Mosely) El Mariachi beat Koala Bear O”Day w/ Count Grog  (Felicia O came out and aided Mariachi in the win, afterward Wallabee Joe came out attacked Mariachi until Felicia cleared the ring) El Gordo Diablo beat Seymour Snott w/ loaded mask headbutt Trailer Park Heat & Sweet Ebony Assassin (GOUGE tag Champs) Double Countout vs Urban Legends (Aloyisus Street & Leroye Zbyszko Luther Thesz pinned Cowboy Willie Watts Wallabee Joe beat Scab in a Last Man standing match to win the North Carolina Title.  Scab hit Joe with a bird cage that held his kidnapped Scabbage Patch doll and busted open Wallabee hardway, verry bloody.  after 3 falls 2-1 in favor of Scab -Scab attempted to suplex Joe thru a table but Grog held Joe’s leg to brace him , Koala Bear O”Day came in and hit Scab with a chair and then Wallabee power bombed Scab thru the table and pinned him and he was unable to answer the 10 count.  Afterward Grog, and Joe and Koala Bear attacked Scab until Jagger ran out and saved Scab. 

Next Show Sat August 25 Fuquay-Varina, NC-Benefit for the FVAA Flash Wite soccer team at the Council Gym

Thursday August 30-Volume Eleven Tavern in Raleigh, NC Sat Sept 15 Stem, NC-at Fire Hall for Glory Bowl to determine the new GOUGE Champion.