GOUGE Results from North Carolina

Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment WINTER WARS Jan 25, 2008- Raleigh, NC-at Vintage 21 show opened with GOUGE video highlights on the 2 video screens

Fabulous Frankie Fontaine beat El Mariachi with a sleeper hold

Count Grog and Scab and Blackie Chan did a promo and Wallabee Joe came out and to set up the Loser Leaves GOUGE match later that night

Trailer Park Heat beat Big Poppa Price with a stunner

KC McKnight w/ Stevie Charles and Nicky Richards beat Eskimo Joe when Charlie Dreamer interfered and hit Joe from behind

Seymour Snott & Dick Foley (w/ Petunia) won the GOUGE Tag titles in a 4 way tag match beat The Super Mario Brothers (former champs) and Al Queda in Hiding w/ Osama Bin Pimpin and Charlie Dreamer & Nicky Richards w/ Stevie Charles. Afterward the Mario Brothers attacked Snott & Foley and demanded a rematch next month

Otto Schwanz w/ Brandi Richardson beat Colin Troy & Shady Chris Xion in a handicap match

Cowboy Willie Watts vs Tennessee Ernie Nord was ruled a DDQ when both wrestlers hit the ref

Wallabee Joe beat Scab w/ Count Grog to win the North Carolina Title and force Scab to leave GOUGE forever.

Next show Friday Feb 29 at Vintage 21 in Raleigh, NC

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