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By WorldWrestlingInsanity.com

He’s one of wrestling’s most well known legends and accomplished stars. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine has joined ClubWWI.com to talk about it his entire career with James Guttman.

From the early days of being billed as the brother of his father, Johnny Valentine, to the strange story of Rhythm and Blues, Greg doesn’t hold back on anything and speaks about a number of topics – some of which may be surprising to today’s fans.

Among the topics Valentine covered in his 51 ClubWWI.com minute shoot interview include taking the WWF Title from Bob Backlund, upsetting Ricky Steamboat in the WrestleMania 4 opening round, the only person who has his Rhythm and Blues Hasbro Figure, who came up with the idea to dye his hair, breaking Wahoo’s leg, the Roddy Piper Dog Collar Match, Ric Flair‘s retirement, the Andersons, Ron Garvin, innovative match finishes, the shin guard, Tito Santana, and much more.

In an interesting moment, James asked Valentine about Brutus Beefcake. Many people have said that Greg harbored resentment towards Brutus and didn’t like teaming with him due to a lack of chemistry. It’s even mentioned on his Wikipedia page. The truth, however, is the exact opposite:

“I disagree with anyone saying that we didn’t have chemistry because, I don’t know what you call it or the word for it, but we were exact opposites. He was still a lot green….and I myself was a seasoned veteran so it was a good combination. We looked different. I think that combination was fantastic. The Dream Team had so many fans ’cause we didn’t look the same. It wasn’t two blondes. It wasn’t two guys with black hair with spandex on. It was Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake, a newcomer who everybody thought was Hulk Hogan‘s half brother. It was a combination I was very proud of.”

Guttman says that’s one of the reasons he does interviews. He wants to clear up false information like that. For so long, fans would repeat that Valentine didn’t like Brutus and now Greg can correct that. The Hammer agrees:

“I enjoyed it. He was my favorite partner because I was the boss, but he rose to the occasion. That’s my favorite. I’ve been with Flair and Honky Tonk Man, that was fun too, but (The Dream Team) drew serious money.”

Valentine went on during his 51 minute ClubWWI.com shoot to discuss the premature breakup of the Dream Team, “The New Dream” Team, why it didn’t work, and much more.

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