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Body Image, Diet and Maintenance in Professional Wrestling

According to the Journal of Athletic Training, the controversy of body image has been a widespread concern throughout the ages. In medieval times, men would place hay under their armor to show a more masculine and muscular physique. Whether it is a tool for survival or sheer aesthetics, body dissatisfaction continues to pose a growing social problem in today’s world. Muscle dysmorphia, also subcategorized as a body dysmorphic disorder, is a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior. When most people learn this, they imagine excessive behavior, such as repeated hand washing. When applied to body image, the obsession focuses on the body, it’s leanness and muscularity.

The compulsion centers on achieving the person’s desired level of muscular build and fitness. Since 2006, WWE’s McMahon said that in addition to heart health checks, substance abuse programs, and concussion testing, the professional wrestling industry is really changing for the better. It is now more about health maintenance of their in-ring performers. More and more professional wrestlers are becoming business-minded; they understand that their bodies are their livelihood, so they take care of themselves by training well, eating healthily and spending more down time doing healthier activities. What are some the ways professional wrestlers have improved their previously unhealthy lifestyles?

The Professional Wrestler’s Diet

A truly balanced diet is vital to maintaining the health of a professional wrestler. Nearly all-professional wrestlers have chiseled abs and arms defined with lean muscle. This is possible by combining a balanced diet, lifestyle changes and exercise. Your weight is a delicate balancing act, the calories you consume are an important part of the equation. Losing weight points to burning more calories than you ingest. Foods low in fat and high in protein take center stage, as the need to healthier choices is at its highest.

This diet ratio helps pro wrestlers compete by providing them with the tools to generate the strength, stamina, agility and power based on a balanced diet. Foods such as turkey, skinless chicken, egg whites and lean steak are staples of this diet. Protein helps to build muscle and aids in their repair, after training. Fats found in nuts, fish, olive oil and avocados, help juice up vascular muscles. Good carbohydrates including whole grains, brown bread, pasta and yams give that added energy boost to train efficiently.

Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps keep muscles hydrated. Instead of stuffing yourself with three big meals a day, it helps to eat 5-7 smaller meals throughout the day. This is a trick that helps to speed up your metabolism and burn fat at a much quicker rate. Motivation is also a giant factor when it comes to sticking with a diet and exercise plan. With the expert advice at Kwikmed, know which foods pose hidden dangers, and how working out with a friend can help you recover from setbacks.

Sometimes, being part of an online or real-life community gives you just the boost you need. A healthy diet, supportive community and customized training. If you want to feel revitalized, the pro wrestler’s diet is definitely the way to go. Your skin will become clear and supple; your breathing will flow more easily through your body too. The chances of developing diabetes, strokes, certain types of cancer and heart disease will also vastly diminish.

Maintenance Is Key

The road leading to a healthy professional wrestler’s body is not an easy one. It takes a lot of time on exercise equipment, some reminiscent of torture devices, grueling hours of intensive training, discipline in dieting and avoidance of all unhealthy albeit dangerous vices, such as drugs, alcohol and steroid use. In the past, mixing hormones and steroids gave a fake illusion of a healthy physique, of which many now continue to pay the price. There is no true short cut to a solid body, built for professional wrestling.

Many have abused illicit drugs trying to find the “high” way to muscular heaven, but lost their careers or even their lives in the process. Gaining the body type seen in pro wrestling takes a lot of hard work. Yet the longstanding health benefits abound. Many have cheated by taking steroids, but this course of action is never safe or recommended. Linked to far too many deaths, steroid use and the side effects are extremely harmful, if not fatal. Adopt a healthy balanced diet, train your muscles to burn excess fat, and your body will be well on its way to a professional wrestling build.

—Claire Leonard