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From a booker’s standpoint, it was once the holy grail. The WCW, encompassing the NWA’s storied legacy, was a booking assignment of most importance in the history of the sport. A dream job. Although at the turn of the millenium, it was Kevin Sullivan’s nightmare.

In a new DVD release by KayfabeCommentaries.com, Sullivan takes you right down on that ship. “Kevin Sullivan and the End of WCW” opens all the doors to the boardroom and booking meetings. It allows the wrestling public to see what really happened on a week-by-week basis, as Sullivan walks the viewer through the turmoil that was WCW at the end.

KayfabeCommentaries co-owner Sean Oliver says that this fascinating, investigative journey should open a few eyes, and change a few opinions. “Kevin is the perfect subject to guide this tour. I hear his name most frequently mentioned when the demise of WCW is discussed. Usually by people who make booking the be-all-end-all indicator of a wrestling company’s health. So we have Kevin defend his booking decisions. But the surrounding circus will astound you. It is truly remarkable what Kevin had to contend with.”

Oliver says that he was not afraid of bombarding the viewer with too much detail. “We wanted it all in — as much as we could fit in two hours. The week by week analysis moves quickly and Kevin is heavy on the details, but that’s what we wanted. We wanted it to feel like you’re on the ride with him, meeting all the major players, sifting through all the decisions and disagreements.”

“Kevin Sullivan and the End of WCW” was released today and is available at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.